The calf born with six legs escapes the slaughterhouse and will be welcomed by a farm in Isère

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RESCUE After successful surgery, the animal was to be sold for its meat by its Aveyron breeder

The calf born with six legs escapes the slaughterhouse and will be welcomed by a farm in Isère

The calf born with six legs will finally escape the slaughterhouse. (illustration) — Kadres/Pixabay

The mobilization paid off. The calf was born in Aveyron a year ago with a very rare malformation. saved of the slaughterhouse by the animal protection association « (Oaba). This female, which had six legs on each side; the birth, had been successfully operated on by a veterinary clinic before being returned to the hospital. his breeder, relates Le Dauphiné Released.

The animal was to join the herd before being sold soon for its meat, specifies Center Presse Aveyron. A destiny that moved social networks and challenged people. the Oaba association. This generally deals with cases of animal abuse but has decided to do so. to look into the case of the calf. “We said to ourselves that it’s rather absurd that this animal was born in the wild. with special conditions and who had had a first chance in life does not have a second,” she explains to the Dauphiné Released.

The association buys back the calf

Oaba therefore contacted the breeder to buy the young cattle. She also financed the project. the movement of the animal from Aveyron to Isère. Or 3,500 euros in total. The calf, now baptized Sixtine, is due to join a farm located at the foot of the Vercors massif on September 17.

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Sixtine will be able to spend happy days there with her peers, without risking the slaughterhouse. A news welcomed in particular by the journalist Hugo Clément, who had already relayed the story of the calf.