The Cabinet of Ministers prohibited sending money and documents by mail: an updated list of restrictions

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Cabinet banned sending money and documents by mail: updated list of restrictions

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The Cabinet of Ministers approved the list of items that are now officially prohibited to be sent both within the country and abroad with the help of all national postal operators.

The list was approved by Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 958 .

According to the decision of the CMU, it is forbidden to send:

  • national currency (except numismatic coins and their collections) and foreign currency to Ukraine;


  • food products, the shelf life of which does not exceed 10 days;
  • alcoholic beverages with an ethyl alcohol content of more than 8.5 percent by volume, tobacco products, liquids used in electronic cigarettes, where there are no excise tax stamps of the established sample;
  • weapons, flammable or other dangerous substances, toxic and radioactive substances, mercury, acids, poisonous, caustic substances;
  • animals and poisonous plants;
  • special technical means of secretly obtaining information, biological agents, etc.

Ukrainian hryvnia found in shipments is returned to the sender or sent to the addressee by postal transfer. Foreign currency is sent to the sender or recipient in a letter with a declared ценностью.

In international dispatches, among other things, it is not possible to send permits for the right to carry weapons, work books, military tickets, identity documents. The exception is sending a foreign passport during martial law.

Items prohibited for shipment in international mail may be seized by representatives of customs authorities. At the same time, dangerous items and food products with a short shelf life must be destroyed.

If postal employees discover weapons, drugs, toxic or radioactive substances, they must contact the police, who must seize prohibited items.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga