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aq UF The Caballero brothers, how to turn backyard stories into television success - The Times Hub

The Caballero brothers, how to turn backyard stories into television success

If mixing family, friends and business is synonymous with failure in popular wisdom, Alberto and Laura Caballero (Madrid, 46 and 43 years old, respectively) decided almost two decades ago to oppose the people. These brothers, who also live on the same street, are the creators, producers, screenwriters and directors of La que se avecina (Mediaset) , which is considered one of the most successful comedies on the national scene, which turns 14 in April and 12 seasons on the air. But before the community of residents of Mirador de Montepinar conquered the audience, it was the inhabitants of Desengaño, 21 who hooked the public in 2003, with the arrival of Here there is no one who lives (Antena 3) when the fictions achieved audience numbers unthinkable today. "Professionally we have grown a lot, but personally we are still just as childish or immature," Alberto and Laura joke almost in unison.

They are responsible for these television phenomena. Also of having maintained the essence of the Spanish series in its most conventional format, broadcast in prime time , on an open channel, without platforms, with its long advertisements and endless hours. But if the followers of La que se avecina it was not enough to see the opening chapters on Telecinco or recall older plots throughout the six hours a day that it is broadcast on FDF, the Caballero brothers have also adapted to the new ones. methods and the series is already a la carte on Amazon Prime .

His foray into this world is no accident. They have grown up surrounded by all this paraphernalia and joke that they owe their creation to public television. They are not without reason. His father was the director of musical programs for TVE, where his mother began working in children's programs and later devoted herself to more administrative tasks. In addition, they have had an exceptional sponsor: José Luis Moreno . The businessman, ventriloquist, producer and director is also Alberto and Laura's carnal uncle. They started from his hand after finishing his audiovisual training at the Instituto de Radiotelevisión Española, Alberto writing scripts and Laura as a hostess for some of Moreno's most famous variety shows. The three of them embarked on the production and direction of Here there is no one who lives first, and the first years of La que se avecina , later. However, a decade ago the Caballero brothers replaced their uncle at the helm of Telecinco fiction and have managed to transfer the television success of the series to their company's accounts.

“We wanted to create the company in which we would have liked work when we start. Both at the level of conditions, respect and spirit. And we wanted to gain quality of life and peace of mind, "Alberto bluntly assures about Contubernio SL, the production company that he has managed with his sister since 2011. A decision they made after various economic and financial problems they had with their uncle. "It was a very beastly contradiction to be making such great success and that there were defaults," he insists on Moreno's mismanagement. Something that is not new: the employer has a reputation in the industry for not being a good payer and for not always respecting the rights of his workers, something for which he was condemned in 2013.

Labor complications such as the endless hours that the brothers Caballero corroborate that they were given. “I no longer have anxiety attacks when I get home,” Laura celebrates regarding years past. “At the beginning it was very cool because of everything that happened and the success that was generated, but at the same time it was a very heavy time. Now I enjoy every day, every recording… ”, he continues. Situations that some actors in his fictions had already uncovered some time ago. It was the case of Loles León , whose abrupt departure from Here there is no one who lives with his character falling out the window when no one expected him, uncovered the controversy about a sudden dismissal . She told it months later revealing the incompatibility of the series with real life and the lack of an economic agreement. Also Edu García, who worked when he was barely a teenager , criticized in a rap the 24-hour days he worked as a minor without thanks or paid overtime.

The definitive break with his uncle happened last summer, when he did not reach an agreement to renew the use of the space where the sets are , owned by Moreno, which caused the destruction of the entire set to look for other locations in the face of a new one. season already confirmed. It was the most direct staging of a job estrangement, but the staff had arrived much earlier. "We haven't had a relationship of any kind with him for years, either personal or family," they frankly admit.

A chapter that has not altered the dream of the Caballero brothers, who have been able to create their second family behind the scenes. He writing and she directing. At his side, the cast formed by the 20 actors with whom they started practically continues, and as many others have come and gone from his house – like Loles León herself. "That after so long we all continue together, or the vast majority, is the best example of what we have created," Laura acknowledges. “There were actors who were consecrated and others who have achieved popularity with us, it has been a mutual benefit. There is a lot of hidden talent in Spain and what stimulates us the most is finding it ”, says Alberto in reference to Fernando Tejero (Fermín Trujillo), Nathalie Seseña (Berta Escobar), Eva Isanta (Maite Figueroa), Nacho Guerreros (Coque) and Víctor Palmero (Alba Recio), among many others.

Those who have worked with them confirm that good atmosphere, so much so that Alberto has been able to put together several of his partners in the same fiction. He dated María Adánez , also with Vanesa Romero and since 2013 he has been in a relationship with Miren Ibarguren . The three have been part of the cast and have been seen together on stage . “I have never understood that vital cut that has to be produced in an obligatory way when a couple breaks up. If with that person you can have another type of relationship, work or friendship, then go ahead. If you avoid that, that is when the natural sense of things is perverted, ”says Alberto. A speech she shares with her sister, who also worked with who later became her husband. Sergio Mitjans was a screenwriter for several seasons of La que se avecina . They married in 2013 and divorced two years later. Now she has another partner, with whom a year ago she became the mother of her little Nora. “If there are people who have been beautiful in my life, I want them to continue in it,” he agrees.

To relax those incessant thinking minds that define the Caballero brothers, Alberto ventures off with motorcycles, one of his great passions; and Laura focuses on her daughter, with whom the pandemic has allowed her to fully enjoy her first year of life. In the absence of being able to travel, no one forgives family gatherings, where sometimes new scripts emerge: "The meeting on Saturdays is sacred."

The Caballero brothers, how to turn backyard stories into television success

Alberto and Laura Caballero, creators, producers and directors of the series 'Here there is no one who lives' and 'La que se avecina', at his house in Madrid.Santi Burgos

Focused now on finding that new location for the thirteenth season of the fiction of the residents of Montepinar, the creators have received several offers to film in buildings in the center of the capital. They also do not rule out the possibility of rescuing the essence of Desengaño, 21, where the lives of the characters in Aqui no hay que viva took place . They are even considering the acquisition of a building that after the end of the series, which they still do not see nearby, would be put up for sale. “Being able to say that you live in Antonio Recio's house can be fun”, they laugh.

It is not the only project they have in hand. In May they shoot the third season of El pueblo and have already announced their new series for Mediaset: Slaves of the Lord , another crazy comedy centered on a cloistered nunnery that will become rented bellies to pay for the reform of the convent. In addition, they have two other proposals in the drawer that will soon see the light. New ideas to preserve their legacy: make people laugh together

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