The Briton changed his name to “Fire Exit”

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British man changed name to "Fire Exit"

Photo: Deano Wilson /Worlds most famous man 'Fire Exit'/Facebook

The Briton changed his name to "Fire Exit" and believes that he has become the most famous person in the city, writes Mirror.

"Fire Exit", formerly known as Deano Wilson, said that he first changed his name for the sake of a joke and did not think that it would bring him popularity. True, this news did not please the British girl.

"She is already sick of the inscriptions about fire exits", — said the man.

In addition, the Briton added that he gets his share of fame at work. Colleagues began to bring him documents for signature more often, so that later they would laugh when they saw the name and surname in the form. However, the “Fire Exit” itself admitted that he likes not his own glory, but the smiles of people.

"People always have such a different reaction, it is very interesting for me to watch them", — added by a man.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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