The British judge admitted that ChatGPT worked instead of him

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British judge admitted that ChatGPT worked for him

In Great Britain, a judge admitted that he used ChatGPT to write court documents ruled, and called artificial intelligence useful and having potential, writes The Register.

Judge Birss, who works in the Court of Appeal of Great Britain, speaking at the Law Society event, said that he turned to ChatGPT to create a paragraph for court documents in a case related to intellectual property law.

Bierss admitted that he copied and pasted words into the ruling he wrote, adding that tools like ChatGPT “have great potential”.


"I think the most interesting thing is that you can ask these big language models to summarize information. “It's useful, and it's going to be used, and I can tell you that I've used it,” he said. . He stated that he takes full responsibility for what is written in his decisions, and that he verified the veracity of what AI wrote.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych