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The British intelligence service pointed out the risk of “physical attacks” from Russia

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

British intelligence agency has indicated the risk of 'physical attacks' from Russia

Russian authorities in headed by President Vladimir Putin, they are preparing “physical attacks on the West,” writes The Telegraph on Tuesday, May 14, citing a statement by the head of the British Government Communications Center, Anne Keast-Butler. The intelligence service, which she has led since May last year, is responsible for conducting electronic intelligence.

The newspaper notes that this is Keast-Butler's first major speech, which she has used to highlight the growing threat from the Kremlin. With tensions rising between Moscow and the West, Britain's Communications Center is increasingly concerned about growing contacts between Russian intelligence services and proxy groups to launch cyberattacks, as well as alleged sabotage and surveillance, Keast-Butler said.

Russia has long been accused of patronizing hacker groups whose actions are directed against Western structures and are characterized by sophisticated methods, writes The Telegraph. Moscow has categorically denied such accusations more than once.

Last week, Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) named Russian citizen Dmitry Khoroshev as the man behind the LockBit ransomware hacker group, which investigators say stole hundreds of millions of pounds from businesses. LockBit targeted Royal Mail last year when the Russian-based group paralyzed its ability to send letters and parcels abroad, the publication said.

Speaking at the CyberUK conference in Birmingham, Anna Keast-Butler also said Putin “has not abandoned his maximalist goal of subjugating the population of Ukraine.” Immediately, the head of the British intelligence service emphasized that London’s support for Kiev remains unchanged, and experts in the UK are working to improve the effectiveness of cyber defense.

The current director of the UK Government Communications Center, who is the first woman in this position for The 105-year history of the service was called another real and growing cyber threat by China. London is open to contacts with Beijing in mutually beneficial areas, such as climate or artificial intelligence security, but “the PRC’s leadership poses a significant risk to international norms and values,” Keast-Butler emphasized, calling China “an epochal challenge” at the same time. for Great Britain and its allies.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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