The British have chosen the “most royal” Corgi

The British have chosen the “most royal” Corgi

The British have chosen the

Photo: Vuk Valcic/Global Look Press

In the UK, the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi Archie received the title of “most royal” Corgi, according to Mirror.

The competition was held at annual gathering of dog lovers in Britain, DogFest. The puppy was awarded for being “royal” he waves his paw and for good character.

His owner Lauren said that Archie is very friendly and well-mannered. When he gives someone his paw, he gently waves it in the air like a queen.

“Archie is very patient and will wait for a treat for as long as it takes. He is very obsessed with food, and his favorite snack — goodies. We try not to give him human sweets, although he likes them, but when he is bored, we can give him some ginger nuts. His best friend — Finnish Lapphund named Mara, they play wonderfully with each other, — a happy owner talks about her pet.

Puppy was rewarded with a platinum basket filled with toys, peanut butter, a special anniversary bandana and a matching bow tie.

Formerly BAGNET reported that the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II gave a new Corgi puppy. The pet was a gift from Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie for the queen's official birthday.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga