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The British company BAE Systems will maintain and repair L119 howitzers in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

British company BAE Systems will service and repair L119 howitzers in Ukraine

BAE Systems has officially agreed to service and repair howitzers in Ukraine, which Britain previously handed over to the Armed Forces.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the page of the British government.

The government's website states that during a trade mission to Kyiv, the British defense company BAE Systems signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

It deals with the maintenance and repair of the L119 howitzers provided in Ukraine.

“This means that the L119s, which were donated by Great Britain to Ukraine, can be serviced in the country and return to the front line faster, as well as provide vital support to Ukraine's defense infrastructure,” the British government said.


105-mm towed gun designed to support infantry, landing forces and assault groups.

105-mm howitzers are capable of effectively destroying lightly armored vehicles. For example, the rupture of a 105-mm projectile near the BMP-1/2 leads to serious damage to the hull by fragments of the projectile, in some cases the complete destruction of the machine is possible.

A direct hit will almost always lead to complete destruction. Howitzers are also very effective against fortifications and concentrations of enemy manpower.

Ukrainian soldiers use L119 howitzers

Last year, Ukrainian servicemen showed how the British L119 howitzer works at the front. It is light and mobile, which allows fighters to quickly strike the enemy and change location.

Britain announced the transfer of several dozen L119 howitzers and M109 self-propelled guns to Ukraine in 2022. RBC wrote about their characteristics -Ukraine.

It was recently reported that BAE Systems is ready  to produce 105-mm L119 howitzers in Ukraine.

Natasha Kumar

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