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The British Ambassador announced that Russians will pay for the power war against Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

The British Ambassador announced that the Russians will pay for the power war against Ukraine

Unfortunately carried out by Samit Group Seven, the World Summit and the Conference on the Renewal of Ukraine in Berlin demonstrated that international partners are deprived of Ukraine and are ready to support the fight against the Russian Federation, said the Ambassador of Great Britain in Ukraine Martin Harris at the special hour of the Kiev Peking Forum, founded by the Foundation Arseniy Yatsenyuk "Recovery of Ukraine".

According to the words of the diplomat, the Russian war in Ukraine, which actually began another 10 years ago, can last longer.

"Ah, I think , that Putin only has one chance – This is the satisfaction of Ukraine’s partners. And through these three international parties we demonstrated: we are not tired, we are with Ukraine. Now and then,” said Harris.

The Ambassador said that there are three key facts to the evidence of such solidarity and partnership.

The first of them – This is due to the fact that the member states of the Group of Seven, as well as other powers, have no interest in Ukraine, and are insured for 10 years.

"Other – The decision is made to ensure the recovery of Russian assets. This is just the first step, after which there may still be confiscation of all assets. The first ale is pragmatic and even brown. Through the contribution of income from such assets, we can create a position for Ukraine of 50 billion dollars. “Russia should now pay for the defense of Ukraine,” the diplomat said.

To the third sign of solidarity between international partners with Ukraine, Ambassador Harris called new sanctions in favor of Russian companies, I’ll mention what he does with the Russian military-industrial complex: “He already understands Russian economy, and “it will be even more complex.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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