The Bridgerton Chronicle: this anecdote kills Regé-Jean Page's love for sex scenes

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The Bridgerton Chronicle: this anecdote kills the love of Regé-Jean Page on the sex scenes

The Bridgerton Chronicle is full of very hot intimate scenes. And Regé-Jean Page, aka the Duke of Hastings, opened up on this detail somewhat… kill love!

In two seasons, The Bridgerton Chronicle has established itself as an exceptional series on Netflix. Much appreciated by users, in particular thanks to its passionate love stories and its ultra hot intimate scenes, it has been able to please its fan service. Moreover, we all remember the romance between Simon Basset, interpreted by Regé-Jean Page and Daphné Bridgerton, camped by Phoebe Dynevor. A romance punctuated by glamorous and torrid sex scenes, which has nothing to be ashamed of 50 Shades of Grey. However, some of them were much less sexy than they look… The reason? A detail, to say the least, kills love.

It’s on The Late Showby Stephen Colbert whom Regé-Jean Page, alias Simon Basset, confided in about the sex scenes in The Bridgerton Chronicle. In particular, he revealed a little more behind the scenes, sometimes confusing, of these scenes. “What no one knows about Bridgerton is that Phoebe and I had horrible breath that smelled like coffee throughout filming”, said the 34-year-old actor. But that's not all! The one starring in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves also clarified that he and his on-screen partner had made a kind of “pact” about it.

Rege- Jean Page confides in the sex scenes

Regé-Jean Page explains during the show: “We made a pact from the start. This is something that is done often. You walk up to your partner and say, ‘Say, this scene is after lunch. So what are your rules? Do we avoid onions? Do we ban garlic and do I have to drink my coffee a little earlier?' And then we were both like, 'Actually, I really like coffee so I don't mind. So we were able to drink our coffee quietly throughout the shoot, it was great”. It’s sure that seen like that, it’s immediately less sexy…