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The Boys season 4: this is who the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Season 4 of The Boys began this Thursday, June 13 on Amazon Prime Video. The platform revealed the first three episodes of this new season. A thunderous start, which has notably just added a brand new character incarnated in the game. by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But actually, who is this new character?

The Boys season 4: here is the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The boys– season 4: Jeffrey Dean Morgan's entrance

This Thursday, June 13, The Boys, the flagship series of Amazon Prime, has just made its big return to the platform. The first three episodesare already there available, before a weekly broadcast of one episode per week. One of the main additions of this new season is the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Indeed, the star of The Walking Dead has just joined the cast of The Boys, in the role of Joe Kessler .

The Boys season 4: here is the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

From these first episodes, Joe Kessler is ready ;felt to the public. For the moment, we don't yet know much about this new character, except that he has known Butcher for many years.

Who is Joe Kessler?

Joe Kessler is a original character from the series. This new protagonist was invented by Eric Kripke and his team for the purposes of the show. Joe Kessler does not in fact appear in Garth Ennis's comics. It is therefore a totally original creationfrom the Amazon Prime series. It is therefore quite difficult for the moment to know more about this new character.

Joe Kessler makes his first appearance at CIA headquarters. Butcher is put to death the gap between a meeting between La Crèe and Grace. While Butcher waits in the hallway, Joe Kessler comes to introduce himself. him. A spontaneous smile then appears on Butcher's face. It is clear that the two men are friends, and that they have a past. common. We would tend to say that the two characters, who otherwise resemble each other physically, are former brothers in arms. The two men have clearly not seen each other for some time, which further marks their reunion.

The Boys season 4: this is who the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is

Quickly, the two men get along very well again well and even agree to work together. However, we discover that if Joe Kessler is here, it is not by chance. He seems to want to use Butcher to reach Ryan, Homelander's son. His goal is to turn Ryan into a weapon and turn him against his biological father and against Vought. But Butcher doesn't seem to be of this opinion, which already complicates the situation. their relationship.

There is a good chance that Butcher and Kessler's plan will be put in place in the last episodes of this season 4. One thing is sure, at least; The two of them they can clearly make a splash.

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