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The Boys season 4: here's how Will Ferrell's cameo happened

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

The first three episodes of season 4 of The Boys are already available. available on Amazon Prime Video. A rather effective return after two years of waiting. Episode 2 notably offers a totally unexpected cameo. Eric Kripke, the showrunner, recently explained how this meeting went.

The Boys season 4: here's how Will Ferrell's cameo happened

The boys : the return of the supers

This Thursday, June 13, Amazon Prime Video released the first 3 ;episodes from season 4 of The Boys. An effective, trashy, violent comeback, as we appreciate them. The fans are once again over the moon at the news. the most violent superhero series of the 21st century. Developed by Eric Kirpke, The Boys is an adaptation of the cult comics by Garth Ennis, released at the beginning of the 2000s. es 2000. Irreverent, trashy, violent, political, criticism of a society capitalist dedicated to failure, The Boys is a very current proposition, which meets with a largely deserved success.

The Boys season 4: here is how Will Ferrell's cameo arrived

In addition to the presence of Simon Pegg and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, these new episodes also featured a major cameo. Indeed, the actor Will Ferrell makes a small appearance in episode 2 of this season 4. The episode in question begins on A-Train < /strong>(Jessie T. Usher). The latter is shooting a film produced by Vought which recounts his origins without any real concern for realism. Parody of The Blind Side, this “fake film ” highlights A-Train in disadvantaged neighborhoods. While he wastes his running talent on sell drugs to the youngest, his trainer shows up. Eternal maintains, this cliché of the sports film is here campé by Will Ferrell. As with In his usual hilarious way, the actor seems to be having the time of his life in this parody. If the scene is short, it has the merit of making an impact thanks to its the presence of this huge comic actor.

How did this cameo happen?

During an interview with Collider, the showrunner explained: that he absolutely wanted to work with a guy from SNL. Saturday Night Live, is an American comedy television show broadcast on NBCsince October 11, 1975. Many American comedians have participated in the show. à this cult show like Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell or even Kristen Wiig. Eric Kripke therefore met Will Ferrell for the role of Coach Brink:

The Boys season 4: here's how Will Ferrell's cameo happened

We were looking for someone known for this role. Jess Chou wrote in the script “big star” for this role. I found It was a cool idea so I asked. à Jess if she really wanted to do it. I'm glad she said yes. It was a horrible day at work. It was raining, it was terribly cold. We suffered all day. I felt so bad because it was an outdoor day and there was Will Ferrell. But it was so nice, he had such a good attitude.

Will Ferrell makes a very small appearance. But he will return later in the series, still in the role of Coach Brink.

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