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The Boys season 4 episode 5: the teaser for this Thursday's episode is very trashy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Amazon Prime Video has just released a teaser for the new episode of season 4 of The Boys, expected this Thursday on the platform. As usual, it promises to be extremely trashy, violent and disturbing.

The Boys season 4 ;episode 5: the teaser for this Thursday's episode is very trashy

The boys season 4: çit continues

< p>This Thursday will be the third consecutive week that fans of The Boyswill be able to find a new episode of the show by Eric Kripke. This Thursday, June 27, episode 5 of this season 4 of The Boys, entitled Beware the Jabberwock, My Son, will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

This new episode will once again focus on Homelander(Antony Starr), largely highlighted in this fourth season. After making peace with his past In last week’s episode, Homelander passes the second and is ready to move on. Eliminate all those who still stand before him. In this week's teaser, Homelander reunites the Seven and intends to declare war on them. Butcher (Karl Urban) and his team.

The Boys season 4 episode 5: the teaser for this Thursday's episode is very trashy

The Boys would not last long in a head-on confrontation with the Seven. But Butcher may have found it. a way to play equal arms. Our hero then goes to the laboratory which is carrying out tests on component V, which we already have. seen in Gen V. A way to make a link with the post-credits scene of Gen V, which featured a Butcher cameo, visibly &àgrave; looking for something. If Butcher manages to obtain a new sample of component V, he may be able to face Homelander in single combat.

As a reminder, this season 4 contains 8 episodes. This Thursday, we will therefore already have past half of the season. So, you might as well take advantage of it; bottom. We'll meet this June 27 on Amazon Prime Video to follow the rest of the adventures of Billy Butcher and his Boys.

This Thursday, it's #V52 with a side of sheep on V.

June 24, 2024

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