The Boys season 2 : no binge-watching this year, and it is a very good news

The Boys saison 2 : pas de binge-watching cette année et c'est une très bonne nouvelle

The Boys season 2 : new format for dissemination on Premium Video and it is a very good news

Bonus Video just announced, season 2 of “The Boys” is scheduled for September. A much-anticipated return of fans, which should surprise people. The streaming platform also announced, the series will have the right to a new mode of distribution. And yes, it is a very good news.

New broadcast format

It will be necessary to exercise a little patience before you can find the entire season 2 of “The Boys”. Bonus Video – the streaming platform, Amazon, has revealed this weekend, it is the 4 September it will be added to its catalogue. In addition, Eric Kripke – the dad of this series super-heroic is not like the others, has noted, the new episodes will not be made to be binge-watchés.

We are so eager to share with you this season 2. It is even more crazy, more strange, more intense, more challenging… In fact, it is too much, to such a point that the director of public health in the USA has asked that only the first 3 episodes are online on the 4 September and the other 5 are disseminated on a weekly basis” he unveiled in a press release. In other words, Premium Video is going to do the opposite of Netflix in providing us with a format for broadcast over television in order to raise gradually the excitement.

A smart decision

A choice frustrating in the time of binge-watching has become the norm ? On the contrary, it is probably the best decisions. There where many fans of the series Dark (Netflix) are thrown over this weekend in order to be the first to see everything and not be a spoiler, The Boys will therefore have the challenge to live with us for the duration.

Eric Kripke has indeed reminded, there is nothing more effective than the time to fully enjoy what is happening on the screen and increase the attachment of the public to a story and characters, “We wanted to give you time to hallucinate, to digest, discuss, alternating climbs/descents… before you offer a new dose. We do this for your well-being.

The Boys, future big series ?

A decision hosea today, but yet very intelligent. While the creative team seems to be moving aggressively as ever on the set to give us the best result possible, there is nothing more frustrating for her than to imagine the public will swallow the episodes without ever taking the time to fully appreciate the result and forget about it after two weeks.

After all, imagine if the seasons of Game of Thrones had been put online in one shot every year… we would Never have been able to spend as much time creating theories about the following, to mourn the death of a character, or to rejoice in the advancement of a plot. And clearly, we had a week for us to recover from the impact of the “Red Wedding”, the shock of the duel, The Mountain / Oberyn or the badasserie of the “Battle of the Bastards”.

In fact, the good news here is that if the creator of The Boys wants to get closer a format to the Game of Thrones, Westworld , or Watchmen, it is that he has to have confidence in its work, this leaves us, therefore, hope the episodes are at least as crazy as in these series with an exploration of the mythology, statements of additional risks and a new focus on the rhythm. And just for that, the wait will be worthwhile !

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