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The Boys: Eric Kripke wants to work on this cult franchise

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

The Boys is one of the most popular currently airing seriesamong series fans. This original creation from Prime Video, signed by Eric Kripke, is already in progress. à its fourth season, and the fifth will also be the last. The showrunner having just shared in an interview his love for a cult franchise, will he be contacted? by the firm which produces it once released. of its commitments to Amazon? The bets are on!

The Boys: Eric Kripke wants to work on this cult franchise

Eric Kripke fan of this famous saga

In progress broadcast on Prime Video for ten days, season 4 of The Boys is getting off to an increased start compared to previous ones. According to Amazon, 21% more spectators watch the show! A great performance, which confirms the bankable status of Eric Kripke , and this despite less unanimous reviews for these new episodes. Very proud of one of the main actors of the series, Antony Starr, whom he would like to see rewarded. of this award for his role as Homelander, the showrunner will soon be “unemployed”. What horizon(s) will he turn to once the final season ofThe Boysis over? According to recent confidences in our colleagues from Rolling Stones,it could well be that he knocks at the same time. the door to Disney: in fact, he's a big fan of Star Wars!

The Boys: Eric Kripke wants to work on this cult franchise

Eric Kripke keeps in his office a replica of Han Solo's blaster, the famous galactic smuggler incarnated as by Harrison Ford in the work of George Lucas. A lifelong fan of the world of Star Wars, he explains that he fully intends to make a film or series one day. There you go which is reminiscent of the statements of Takashi Yamazaki, the director ofGodzilla Minus One, also admiring the franchise and wishing to integrate it. So many directors from very different and typical universeswho continue to share their love ofStar WarsThe greatest saga of all time? We'll let you be the judge!


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