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The Boys: Antony Starr reacts to hilarious meme about Homelander and Ronaldo

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

More than ever, Homelander is the darling of The Boys fans. While the broadcast of season 4 continues episode after episode on Prime Video, Antony Starr's incredible performance in the series is celebrated on social networks and in the press. Compared to à Cristiano Ronaldo in a hilarious (and unexpected) meme, the actor reacted with humor.

The Boys: Antony Starr reacts to hilarious Homelander and Ronaldo meme

Homelander and Ronaldo, same fight?

Make thecomparison between the famous Portuguese footballer and the villain fromThe Boys< /strong>, you had to dare! And above all, to think about it… But that was without taking into account the overflowing imagination of the fans at the event. both from the Amazon series and from Cristiano Ronaldo, who spotted similarities in behavior and facial expressionsbetween the Protector and the Sportsman. Currently broadcast on Prime Video, this adaptation of the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson fascinates as much as it disturbs viewers.After having de-zincified the the MCU in the best possible way in the episode “Beware of the Bogeyman, My Son”, she returned for a sixth episode last night which we will not spoil for you in this article… And for good reason, this is about sharing with you a meme offering a hilarious parallel between Homelander and Ronaldo!The Boys: Antony Starr reacts to hilarious Homelander and Ronaldo meme


Fans with a second degree particularly provocative have attached to each other extracts from The Boys, in which we see Homelander performing cult breaks (with his son, making the victory sign, drinking milk, ecstatic…) with photos of Cristiano Ronaldo! And the comparison is, it must be said, very apt. Even though Antony Starr didn't really understand it, the Discussing Films account shared that on X his appreciative comment:

I don't really understand, but I like it. I feel admired.

As long as The Boys fans don't confuse him with his character, Antony Starr has visibly nothing to worry about say it again face to face their eccentric finds!

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