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The Boys: Antony Starr rants against these fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

While season 4 ofThe Boys is in full swing on Prime Video, the actors of the series are ensuring the promotion of the show interviews and red carpets.Antony Starr, the interpreter of The Protector and star of the Amazon program, took advantage of this opportunity. to raise a rant against these fans… Indeed, some of the viewers have a little harm separate reality from reality fiction, as you will discover below!

 The Boys: Antony Starr rants against these fans

Antony Starr confused with Homelander (and yes, it annoys him and that's normal)

Should we remember it again? An actor has nothing to do with it. see with the characters he plays. However, some of the spectators again and again make the conflation between a role and the person who embodies it. When it comes to a super cool vigilante like Iron Man, the damage isn't the same as when you play Hannibal Lecter inSilence of the Lambs or the biggest psychopath in cinema, like Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men…  Antony Starr, the star of The Boys who lends his features to the terrifying Homelander, says he is slightly offended by the news. when people treat him like he's his character. And we can understand it!

The Boys: Antony Starr rants against his fans

People are surprised: Oh, my God, you're not like him“. And I answer them: “Yes, he's a narcissistic psychopath. So yes, thank you“.

These confidences from the actor to our colleagues at Rolling Stones prove once again to what extent the border between fiction and reality is, in some minds, very thin… With repercussions that can prove problematic, especially for actors, who can get villain characters hated by the public and therefore sometimes also in real life. And what about Enrique Arce, who received death threats daily because of his character Arturo in La Casa de Papel? And you, what do you think?

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