The boyacense won his first stage in a big one. His pockets also receive 'dose of glory'.

The boyacense won his first stage in a big one. His pockets also receive 'dose of glory'.

Juan Sebastián Molano (UAE Team Emirates), winner of the last stage of the Vuelta in Madrid, was “very excited”, hardly believing the prestigious victory in the capital of Spain, unexpected, since his role was to launch the arrival for his teammate Pascal Ackerman.

Juan Sebastián Molano: this is how he celebrated the victory with his teammates, video Juan Sebastián Molano won the last stage of the Vuelta a España

The boyacense achieved the first victory for Colombian cycling in the last stage of one of the big three.

And with his feat, the economic prize he will receive for achieving it shines.

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Molano makes history

The boyacense won his first stage in a big game. His pockets also receive a 'dose of glory' .

I am very happy.I want to dedicate this stage victory to my mother, who I love very much, to my brothers, to my whole family. I am very excited. To all my team, who did a perfect job in this Vuelta. It's amazing, I swear I'm still assimilating it. No one imagines how happy I feel,” said the cyclist from Paipa at the finish line.

At first the idea was to launch Ackerman, but 300 meters from the finish line he saw himself in the lead and pressed hard so as not to be overtaken by Mads Pedersen.

“I knew I had to do a good job for Pascal Ackermann, I felt very good legs, and so did he. In the end, I started with 300 meters to go, as my throw usually is. The team did a perfect job. I looked down the left side , that Pedersen came to pass me, and at no time did I think of stopping,” he explained.

A triumph that comes to the Colombian after a season of great sacrifice, and that he finally compensated with victory.

“I think of all the things I've done to get here, all the effort we make as athletes, as cyclists, as people, leaving our family at home. I'm very happy and grateful to my entire team,” he concluded. .

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The award for his deed

The boyacense won his first stage in a big one. His pockets also receive a 'dose of glory'.

According to the provisions of the Vuelta organization, the prize for winning the stage for Molano is 11 thousand euros .

In Colombian pesos, the value would rise to more than 48 million pesos.

Of course, it is very difficult for all the loot to go to him, since the UAE squad, like many others, usually distributes the accumulated prize among its members at the end of the race.

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