The Bolivian opposition asked Luis Arce to stop the provocations against the Boularte government amid the growing tension with Peru

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The Peruvian parliament declared former president Evo Morales persona non grata, accused of fueling protests against the Peruvian government, while the current Bolivian president summoned the senior military chiefs to analyze the situation with the neighboring country

The Bolivian opposition asked him to Luis Arce to stop the provocations against the Boularte government amid the growing tension with Peru


Humberto Vacaflor GanamFrom La Paz, Bolivia

The Bolivian opposition asked Luis Arce to stop provocations against the Boularte government amid growing tension with Peru

Demonstrators during the national council in Bolivia. (REUTERS/Patricia Pinto)

The Bolivian opposition has asked President Luis Arce to stop provoking the government of Peru and stop supporters of Evo Morales who continue to invade that country with armed people and separatist flags.

Open town meetings held in the nine departments of Bolivia gave rise to these criticisms being heard, in addition to requests for the release of the 192 political prisonersthat maintains the dictatorship, and threatening a recall referendum of President Arce.

In the last hours, the Peruvian parliament declared persona non grata to the cocalero Morales and he announced that he was hiring the former vice minister Raúl Martín Noblecilla, of Pedro Castillo, to defend him in the process that is being followed by the government of Dina Boluarte b> for inciting separatism.

Morales was unable to fulfill his purpose of creating in Buenos Aires, on Monday the 23rd, the “coordinator” of his plans for an entity that brings together South American coca growers and those who seek to turn their countries into “Plurinational States”.

And the tension with Peru continues to grow. The portal Bolivia Política informs that the cocalero Leonardo Loza, Evo Morales' right-hand man, threatens that the Chapare becomes an independent territory of Bolivia to coordinate with the narco-terrorists of the Maoist group Sendero Luminoso of Peru.

The weekly Siglo 21 revealed that President Arce summoned the high military commanders to analyze the tense situation created with Peru, especially after the Peruvian deputy Ernesto Bustamente asked that his army country invades Bolivia.

Nothing has been known about those meetings, but it is notorious that since then President Arce has stopped making allusions to the Peruvian conflict, although Morales and his followers continue to encourage the protest of those calling for the resignation of Dina Boluarte.< /b>

The Bolivian opposition asked Luis Arce to stop the provocations against the Boularte government amid the growing tension ;n with Peru

Photo taken Tuesday of the President of Peru Dina Boluarte in a meeting with the foreign press in Lima Jan 24, 2023. REUTERS/Angela Ponce

The Peruvian tweeter Aleksandr Milev said about the tension: “Either their president retracts and ties up his pet Evo or they face the consequences. In 24 hours we are in La Paz and we arrest Evo Morales and Luis Arce so they can be tried in Peru. What they are doing is an act of war, to conspire for the secession of Peru.”

The government of Luis Arce now must give explanations to a delegation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which arrived in Bolivia in response to a request from those who complained about the political prisoners. It must do so after forcing the United Nations human rights office out of Bolivia.

Things got worse for the government, as the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, informed through his lawyers that he had found in his cell at the Chonchocoro prison a hidden camera set up by their jailers.

And the government allows armed groups of aimaras tofrom the area have surrounded the prison and prevent the entry of the doctors who must treat Camacho, affected by the height of 4,200 meters above sea level where he is after being kidnapped near his office in Santa Cruz, 360 meters high.

cocalero Morales, that political prisoners be released and that the judicial persecution of those who think differently from that of the government cease.

Because the OAS discovered that fraud in November 2019 was that the MAS-dominated Bolivian parliament annulled the election Morales claimed he won, causing the cocalero to flee the country after resigning.

The councils demand that the historical aberrations that the MAS has introduced be removed from the educational system, as well as such as the absurd allusions to the “gender issue”.

Bolivia's internal political situation is as tense as that created by the friction with Peru.

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