The Bolivian Justice ordered that Luis Fernando Camacho remain in prison and the governor denounced political motivations

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The opposition leader has been in jail since December 30, under investigation for alleged terrorism for his role in Bolivia's political crisis in 2019

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The Bolivian Justice ordered Luis Fernando Camacho to remain in prison and the governor denounced political motivations

The governor of the Bolivian region of Santa Cruz, opposition member Luis Fernando Camacho, in a file photograph (EFE/Juan Carlos Torrejón)

A judge decided to maintain the four-month preventive prison < /b>for the opposition leader and governor of the province of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, in response to his defense request that he be able to defend himself in freedom.

Their complainants required an increase in pretrial detention from four to six months, which was also denied at a hearing on Thursday. Camacho has been in prison since December 30.

After Camacho's arrest, days of protest and roadblocks broke out in the province of Santa Cruz, which is considered the economic engine of the country and the stronghold of the opposition to the ruling party.

“This appellate court believes that there is a need for citizens to Luis Fernando Camacho is in pretrial detention,” justified the judge Rosmery Lourdes Pabón her decision.

The defense had filed an appeal against her imprisonment in the maximum security prison of Chonchocoro, in the Bolivian altiplano, after a judge determined that there was a risk of flight and obstruction of justice.

The hearing began virtually on Thursday morning and continued in the afternoon. Camacho connected from prison and argued that the process against him is politically motivated for leading the “historic struggle of the Bolivian people”.

Camacho has briefly alleged that their intention is not to leave the country. “This complaint was filed in 2020 when I was not president of the (‘civic’) committee or governor. I could have left, but I didn't. That's not me, “he assured, according to the newspaper El Deber .

The Bolivian Justice ordered that Luis Fernando Camacho remain in prison and the governor denounced political motivations

FILE PICTURE. Demonstrators demand the release of Luis Camacho, the opposition governor of Santa Cruz, in Cochabamba, Bolivia (REUTERS/Patricia Pinto)

His lawyer Martín Camacho stated at the hearing that his client has a job and an address in Santa Cruz, for which he assured that the preventive detention should be revoked so that he can defend himself in freedom.

The Ministry of Government, the Attorney General's Office and the complainant Lidia Patty, a former senator for the government party Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), requested at the hearing in which the status of Camacho's freedom that his preventive detention be extended from four to six months.

Camacho is being investigated for alleged terrorism for his participation in the 2019 political crisis, which led to the resignation of then-president Evo Morales after elections considered fraudulent.

He led massive protests that lasted 21 days and left 37 dead in the streets that forced Morales to resign after observers from the Organization of American States (OEA) will denounce vices in the elections.

Camacho is a right-wing opposition leader, who has his political alliance Creemos, the second opposition force in the Legislative Assembly .

Two weeks ago his defense also filed an appeal for release due to health problems, which was denied. The government assured that his condition was stable and that he received timely medical attention at the prison.

(With information from EP and AP)

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