The blue team won on date 5, and as a visitor.

Millonarios continues to establish itself in the League and, due to good results, has already reached the top, reaching 11 points, then to beat Unión Magdalena this Sunday in Santa Marta, 2-0.

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Millionaires, who does not score many goals, does the right thing. This Sunday he had no problem keeping the three points in his visit to Unión, which was the surprising leader of the League.

The blue team played a practical match, effectively, and although they could score goals, they did just enough to win.

Expulsion changed everything

The first goal was converted by attacker Luis Carlos Ruiz, but before that the game was unbalanced with the expulsion of Nicolás Gil. It was at minute 24 in an action in which Union played with his defense very far forward, and in a filtered pass, Ruiz found himself on the run towards the goal, until he was brought down near the area by Gil who saw the red card. That action changed the game. The local, who wanted to go out and attack and show why he was the leader of the championship, could not do it, he did not have how.

Already with 10 players, the samarium team was violated with the filtered passes of Millos. It was a matter of minutes for the first goal to arrive. One of those filtered passes was again in search of Ruiz, who started at speed and scored. Initially the goal was disallowed for apparent offside, but the VAR indicated that the goal was legitimate. It was 1-0 in 33 minutes.

In the rest of the game, Millonarios failed again in the definition and more than that, in the completion of the plays, due to their own errors and the poor delivery of the ball in the final stitch.

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In the second half, although Millos was superior and owned the ball, he was unable to extend the lead. He missed some clear opportunities, trying to create play with the creative Silva, Ruiz and Cataño, without much results. Although in the defensive zone he did not suffer. Union had no arguments to create danger.

In the end he found the second goal, and when the game was over, after a powerful shot by Cataño, the goalkeeper rebounded and the ball was left to Herazo, who had entered for Ruiz, and who with great technique he eluded the goalkeeper and scored the second goal, it was 2-0 which was fairer due to the enormous differences that were seen on the pitch, of course, the expulsion was decisive and left his hands tied to the samarium box.

Millionaires achieved a new victory, already reaching 11 points and at the top. Alberto Gamero's men are making steady progress.


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