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The blogger showed what is inside the thinnest iPad Pro tablet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

Blogger showed what's inside the thinnest iPad Pro tablet

The thickness of the 13-inch iPad Pro M4 – only 5.1 millimeters. Apple positions it as the thinnest product in the company's history. Naturally, bloggers rushed to check the strength of the gadget: JerryRigEverything checked whether it was easy to bend the gadget. And now Phone Repair Guru has revealed what's hiding inside this device.

Judging from the video, the entire logic board of the tablet is located in the middle between the two batteries. Two speakers – on both ends of the device. The blogger notes that there is nothing extra between the batteries, the screen and the back panel of the tablet.

For easy removal, the gadget's batteries are equipped with latches. The copper Apple logo, which doubles as a radiator, is hidden deep inside the tablet. Phone Repair Guru also notes the new location of the front camera matrix: it has moved to the longer side of the case.

Recall that the new iPad Pros are equipped with OLED screens with a brightness of up to 1600 nits and M4 processors: according to Apple, the performance here 50% more than in M2. The price for an 11-inch iPad Pro – $999, for 13 inches – $1299.

Natasha Kumar

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