The Blackshark V2 Pro are the most comfortable wireless gaming headphones I've ever tried

The Blackshark V2 Pro are the most comfortable wireless gaming headphones I've ever tried

When you are going to be a few hours sitting playing and with headphones so as not to disturb or be disturbed, at least that the seat and what you wear on your head are comfortable, right?

The Blackshark V2 Pro are the most comfortable wireless gaming headphones I've ever tried

Despite the fact that today all gaming headsets are promoted thinking about features like 5.1, having a very powerful microphone or having a design with enough RGB lights to illuminate a nightclub, they often forget the most important: that they are comfortable.

Razer hasn't forgotten about this with the Blackshark V2 Pro, the wireless version of its most popular headphones. They are identical in design to their predecessors, with the difference that a cable does not hang down, they have an internal battery and they can be used much easier on consoles thanks to the USB receiver that is included. Except for Xbox, it works with everything I've tried instantly.

These headphones are more intended for PC use, as they are compatible with the THX surround system. It must be activated from the Razer-owned Synapse app, but it is a minor annoyance and the result becomes fanatical in certain games. Trying it out with Destiny, the experience has been glorious: every last detail of the game reaches your ears clearly and from the direction from which the effect is produced.

The sound quality of the BlackShardk V2 Pro is excellent too. We are used to the loss of quality of wireless headphones because most of them work over bluetooth, but this is not the case. By using your own receiver, communication is seamless and nothing is lost in the process, while it does not interfere with other wireless devices that you may have nearby, such as a bluetooth mouse.

I also like how the buttons on the headphones are raised. They are all on the same side, the left. To raise or lower the sound, there is a wheel with a very tactile click, so you know very well when they are at minimum, half or maximum, you do not have to remove them to see if something happens.

The mute button could perhaps be a bit bigger, but having travel and staying deeper when activated, you know very well if it is active or not. On this left side there is also the jack connector, in case you want to use it with a cable; and the charging port, which is USB-C, so you can charge it with the mobile charger.

The microphone also connects on this side and can be removed and inserted as needed. The audio quality is good, not among the best in its category, but it manages perfectly in video calls and to play through Discord, which always recognizes it the first time (something that does not happen with all).

The only bad thing about the Blackshardk V2 Pro is the price, which is somewhat high compared to its 'wired' version. Although high-end headphones are around 200 euros, it is still a significant outlay when there are others like the HyperX Cloud S for just over 100 euros.

But these headphones, even from Razer, have something that few other gaming headsets have: they are discreet. No RGB lighting, they are matte black, they do not have a quirky shape or logos that can be seen from a kilometer away. As a well-known gamer, it is something that I value very much and although not all players are looking for discreet products to play with, I do prefer it, especially since I can use them for a work video call without looking like a freak among my colleagues.

They are comfortable, they are discreet, they sound very good, but they are expensive. There are three positive points versus one negative. I understand that it is a 'against' that will set many back, but there are similar headphones that after an hour of use you are willing to take off because of the heat they generate or because of what they press on your ear.

At the risk of recommending a product that is too expensive, I think that the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro is a fantastic renewal of a classic headphones of the brand that make a lot of sense and that I do not get tired of using in my long sessions at Destiny, Fortnite or Call of Duty. They even include a cloth bag to put them in your backpack and take them with you if you are going to play outside the home or want to store them well so they do not collect dust.

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