The black future of movie theaters without major premieres and with the market reduced by 68%

The black future of movie theaters without major premieres and with the market reduced by 68%

The postponement of the latest Bond, 'No Time to Die', definitively condemns the attempt of 'Tenet' to refloat the exhibition in theaters and further strains the relationship between exhibitors and the 'majors'

The black future of movie theaters without major premieres and with the market reduced by 68%

In a time in which any doubt or effort to reason is quickly branded as equidistant, cowardly or just soft, there are questions that, at least, bother. “Why hasn't 'Tenet' been the great salvation of cinemas as expected?” is one of them. With the announcement on Saturday that Universal was postponing for the second time the premiere (this time until beyond 2021) of the latest Bond installment, 'No Time to Die' , theaters were attending the penultimate chapter of its installment surrender . Let's say

that the agent with a license to kill was following the path set by most of the big production companies that have already hung the poster of failure to Christopher Nolan's attempt. After removing ' Mulan ' from theaters and taking it directly to VOD (pay per view), Disney is torn between feeding its platform or launching into theaters and, thus, both the superhero 'Black Widow' and the Pixar production ' Soul 'are in the air right now. Only ' Dune ' and the version of 'West side story ' signed by Spielberg hold up in December with a 'Woder Woman 1984 ' who has left for Christmas what was announced for October. And yet, the cinemas insist that a correct reading of the figures proves them right and that the ' majors ', in addition to displaying a lacerating lack of solidarity, act hastily. “The withdrawal of the product is weighing on the recovery of the market,” says Borja de Benito resoundingly as spokesman for the Federation of Spanish Cinemas (FECE). “If we focus on ' Tenet ', which is the touchstone, the most relevant thing is that right now it is in figures very close to ' Dunkerque ', Nolan's previous film, in the same period of time,” he continues to trial mode. Indeed, it is surprising that a film that cannot boast of being easy and with a potential audience nowhere near as large as the war tape of 2017 has produced figures outside the United States in the midst of a pandemic of close to 250 million dollars , of which 6.7 correspond to Spain. “Currently, the market has fallen by 68% compared to the previous year. But, the behavior of the few films with a commercial vocation that reach the billboard indicates that it is more because of the little that is released than for any other reason. People want to go to the movies, but they don't find good reasons, “ says David Rodríguez, ' general manager ' for Spain and Portugal at Comscore, the company that audits movie theaters. Enrique González Kuhn, independent distributor and who this past weekend brought out ' Falling ', Viggo Mortensen's directorial debut, insists on the same idea and, without exaggerating, charges against the ' majors '. “It is clear that what cinemas need now is films with faces and eyes . And that is what, in a way, they are being denied. The recovery is seen in France where every week they have something. They, unlike us, They don't depend so much on the United States, “he says. In his own way, the data prove him right. Beyond Tenet , the public has reacted to the evidence of Father there is only one 2, with figures (12.3 million) close to the first installment; her and the trickle of tapes that have found their opportunity in the post-pandemic desert. And here they appear from After (3 m) to Scooby! '(2 m) passing through Superagente Makey (1.8 m). And given all this, why so much reluctance from the greats? It is clear that what is happening in Europe, despite its seriousness, is not what is happening in the United States. Even more serious. Recently the ' New York Times' picked up the opinion of Jeff Goldstein of the Warner and it was he who served the key: “30% of the cinemas in California and New York still remain closed”. That is, it is not so much the fault of ' Tenet ' as it is the most obvious. Once ' Tenet ' was released, Warner insisted on making it clear that his was not a ' sprint ' but a marathon. However, with a collection in the United States that does not reach 50 million, the problem seems deeper. That is, the losses are not proportional to the reduction in the number of seats. It would take more: more premieres and on a more regular basis. Jeff Bock, a revenue analyst, summed it up in ' Entertainment' Weekly in his own way: “Many cinemas will not open if there is no product and the big producers will not launch if there are not enough cinemas. It is not a marathon, it is a race to the edge of a precipice “. “Maybe it's time for independent cinema”, Rodríguez adventure with the figures in hand. Kuhn gives him and takes away the reason at the same time: “Without a doubt, now the films last longer on the bill and word of mouth is serving again.” For De Benito, on the other hand, everything is simpler: “A recent survey shows that 60% of the public was willing to return to the cinema waiting for a movie that interested them … It is frustrating to see that there is demand for cinema, but no offer “.

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