The birthday of Nicole Scherzinger: the best clips of the singer

День рождения Николь Шерзингер: лучшие клипы певицы

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo: Getty Images

Monday, June 29, his birthday celebrates American singer Nicole Scherzinger. She was 42 years old.

With five years, Nicole studied at the acting school and even enrolled in University theater, but in 1999 decided to quit theater for a backing vocalist in the band Days of the New. After 2 years, Nicole made it to the television show Popstars and became a member of girls band Eden’s Crash. But the group soon broke up.

The most famous singer brought The band The Pussycat Dolls. Naturally bright and talented Nicole always thought of a solo career, which, incidentally, also she had.

Now Nicole Scherzinger is not only a singer and composer, she is also the face of many fashion brands and charitable organizations.

In honor of the birthday of American beauties LeMonade has collected the best hits of Nicole Scherzinger.


Try With Me

Right there



Fino All Estasi

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