The birthday of Lizzy Caplan: the top 6 best roles of the birthday girl

День рождения Лиззи Каплан: топ-6 лучших ролей именинницы

Lizzy Caplan. Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday, June 30, its 38 anniversary celebrates an American actress Lizzy Caplan.

The actress has appeared in the Los Angeles area, miracle Mile, in the family of Jews-reformists. The father worked as a lawyer, and my mother was a community activist and political consultant.

A breakthrough for Elizabeth was the Comedy Mark waters ‘ “mean girls”, where Kaplan was on the same set with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried. After the performance, for Lizzie for a while I got the image of girls of neformalki with piercings, dark makeup and unconventional Outlook on life.

Six years Lizzie met with actor Matthew Perry, but never became his wife.

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Thanks to the “Masters of sex” in 2014, Kaplan was nominated for the award “Emmy” in the category “Best actress in a drama series”.

Social networks Lizzie don’t like categorically.

In honor of the birthday LeMonade recalls the best films Lizzy Caplan.

“Submarine”, 2018

“Woe to the Creator,” 2017

“The illusion of deception 2”, 2016

“Masters of sex”, 2013-2015

“The bachelorette”, 2012

“Cloverfield”, 2007

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