The birth of exoplanets for the first time I saw live: video

Protoplanet absorbs the substance of the dust disk of its star and is rapidly growing, reaching the mass of Jupiter 4-13

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Рождение экзопланеты впервые увидели вживую: видео

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A surprising discovery was made by scientists from the Paris Observatory. For the first time in history, failed to get the clear picture of the origin of exoplanets. Telescope VLT was able to show details of the formation of the protoplanetary disk of the young star AB Auriga, which was found growing protoplanet is massive, absorbing the substance from the disk. It is assumed that the protoplanet has a mass in 4 to 13 Jupiter masses. She is actively growing through the accretion of matter from the disk.

Young AB Auriga system is a very curious and important for astronomers the object from the point of view of the study of the mechanisms leading to the formation of giant planets. This is a young (2-4 million years) dwarf star and is located in 520 light years from the Sun. It has a huge (the size of a few hundred astronomical units) of the protoplanetary disk of gas and dust, observations of which have been conducted for more than ten years in the optical, near-infrared and millimeter ranges. They have allowed two helical gas branches in the inner part of the disk that can be created with two planets located in the 30 and 60-80 astronomical units from the star, and void, which may also indicate formed in the disk body.

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Previously, scientists only in theory could explain the birth process of planets. Now this theory was fully confirmed and it happens exactly as was prophesied, in the early stages of formation of the planet, the process of accretion of matter onto the core generates internal and external helical structure due to Lindblad resonances caused by interactions of the disk with the planet. The process of planet formation takes a few million years.

Рождение экзопланеты впервые увидели вживую: видео

The image of the young planet from the telescope of the VLT complex in Chile

The article was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, briefly about work it is reported on the website of the European southern Observatory.

We will remind that earlier in the Universe, scientists saw a mysterious flash of incredible power. Also, scientists were able to fix the strange birth of a black hole.

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