The bird put a persistent elephant in its place (VIDEO)

The bird put a persistent elephant in its place (VIDEO)

The confrontation was caught on video.

The bird replaced the persistent elephant ( VIDEO)

An interesting video was filmed in the Masai Mara in southwestern Kenya, which was published by LatestSightings. On it, a crowned crane drives away an elephant from its nest. The fearless bird is not at all afraid of the size of the enemy. Under the pressure of the crane, the elephant is at first slightly annoyed, but then retreats – despite the fact that he has potential reinforcements nearby in the form of his relatives, reports Facts.

Then the bird also tries to show who is in charge here, an elephant grazing nearby. But at this point, parental feelings leapt up in the elephant. He returns, hurrying to help the baby – and the bird leaves, realizing that there is no more immediate danger for its future children.

Crowned cranes, the species of which is included in the Red Book, very aggressively guard their territory and chicks. Both parents participate in incubation, although the female spends most of the time in the nest.