The biggest stay during the cold winter hours or how the USA will increase its presence in Europe

The biggest stay during the cold winter hours or how the USA will increase its presence in Europe

The new plan for the invasion of Russia is transferred over 300,000 military servicemen to advance readiness for the coming fate. For alignment, lower rіven – ce 40,000

Biggest stay during cold hours in the USA military presence in Europe

Accessed by the States to increase their military presence throughout Europe, the remnants of NATO came to terms about the “fundamental change” in their opinion on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Zakrema near Poland will be the creations of the former army headquarters, and new US military ships will be sent to Spain, leading to Great Britain, and land warships to Romania.

The situation was analyzed by BBC correspondent Adam Easton.

Thus, the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said that the alliance is experiencing the most of the break during the cold war.

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The new plan for the invasion of Russia is transferring over 300,000 servicemen to advance readiness for the coming fate. For the division, the current price is 40,000.

At the summit in Madrid, US President Joe Biden said that NATO “strengthen in all directions, in all areas – on land, in other areas on the sea ”.

The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) also announced that it will significantly increase the availability of forces for the collective defense of NATO. There are more military ships, vinischuvachs and land troops in the military regime. Immediately, the Ministry of Defense tried to give details of some numbers.

Five key messages for NATO at the summit:

throughout the continent, and especially near Northern Europe, where the new permanent headquarters of the 5th army corps will be based.

Biden, repeating the goitre of the Alliance to “protect the skin an inch” of his territory, saying: “We can get away, if we say that an attack on one is an attack on all.”

Come on:


  • An increase in the fleet of US military-sea destroyers in Spain from a few to six.
  • Additional “rotational brigade in Romania, which consists of 3,000 soldiers and 2,000 battle groups
  • Two more squadrons of F-35 stealth aircraft to the UK.
  • Additional countermeasures defense and other capabilities in Germany and Italy.
  • Great Britain already may have increased its military presence in Estonia, with three more than 1600 military troops there.

At the NATO summit, it was a good time to accept the earlier neutral countries of Finland and Sweden to the Alliance, with which their membership can be ratified by all 30 NATO members.

The biggest stay during the cold winter or the US will increase its presence in Europe

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BBC infographics

Biden said that these are the ones that Russian President Volodymyr Putin does not want . At the same time, the strategy of invading Ukraine yielded a deadly result.

NATO Secretary General Pan Stoltenberg, stating that Finland and Sweden were officially asked to join the Soviet Alliance, calling it “the most visible process to enter history.” Ochіkuє, sho shvidky progress trivatime.

Now offended applicants are guilty of demonstrating that they stink to NATO standards in politics, legislation and in their best forces, which, as ochіkuєєє, will be tolerably simple for the Scandinavian countries


Pan Stoltenberg said that Ukraine can continue to support the Alliance Against Russian Aggression to help the Alliance Against Russian Aggression “so long as it is needed”, adding that Ukraine can fight for its independence, as well as for values, like supporting NATO.

For In other words, the member states received a “comprehensive assistance package” for Ukraine, which included firearms, medical security, bulletproof vests, anti-drone systems, and anti-mine equipment.

U.S. military in Poland

The decision of the United States to settle a permanent part of its troops near Poland was stricken with a one-flock success.

President Andrzej Duda in Madrid at the NATO summit, saying that “it's a decision that we were looking for.” Adje Poland is ahead of Zahid about the threatening behavior of President Putin.

In 2018, Warsaw called for a payment of up to 2 billion dollars (1.65 billion pounds sterling) to finance the permanent US base in Poland. Trump” to turn back to the current president.

However, President Biden's statement does not mean that more of the 12,000 American military soldiers who are at once going to Poland (about half of them were fired at the same time after Russia's invasion of Ukraine) could be permanently deployed here.

For tribute to the Pentagon, status to the command post of the headquarters of the 5th US corps, created in 2020 in Poznan, about 200 spivrobitniks are planning to plan that observation of the US land forces in Europe, as well as the new headquarters of the army p>True, President Duda said that another 300 American soldiers would be added to the command of the US 5th Corps in Poznan, so there are about 500 permanently deployed people near Poland from 12,000.

Guessing, NATO lands < strong>they designated Russia as the biggest and most direct threat to the security of the Alliance. This is stated in the new strategic concept, which was praised in Madrid today. Also, at the summit in Madrid, the NATO borderlands confirmed that they were going to help Ukraine. The insurance alliance for a long-term perspective of spivpratsi.

Photo: Reuters

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