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The Biden camp counters attack on the age of the president

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President Joe Biden holds the vice-president's hand President Kamala Harris at a Black History Month reception on February 6.

Agence France-Presse

Joe Biden's bodyguards tried to counterattack on Friday after the devastating comments of a magistrate on the failing memory of the American president.

The most pugnacious reaction came from Vice President Kamala Harris, who attacked the political motivations of special prosecutor Robert Hur.

The latter, in a 388-page investigation report made public Thursday on a matter of confidential documents, described the 81-year-old Democrat as an elderly man with a bad memory.

Recalling having been a California prosecutor herself, Kamala Harris asserted that these comments were gratuitous, incorrect and inappropriate.< /p>

We should demand a higher level of moral integrity.

A quote from Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States

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A White House spokesperson, Ian Sams, n' did not frankly contradict Kamala Harris, candidate with Joe Biden for a second term, on the question of political motive.

He suggested that the magistrate, a Republican, may have felt a certain pressure which led him to go beyond his duties in writing his report nine months before the presidential election, #x27;especially since the special prosecutor decided not to prosecute the Democratic president.

Robert Hur was appointed in January 2023 to investigate the discovery of classified documents, dating from the time when Joe Biden was vice-president (2009-2017), in his residence in Wilmington (Delaware) as well as in a former office.

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman, whose state will be decisive in the November election, denounced an operation led by a prosecutor appointed by Trump to smear Joe Biden.

Not all those close to the Democrat have ventured onto this politically slippery terrain while the former Republican president, criminally charged four times, continues to cry out #x27;instrumentalization of justice against him.

I have known this president since 2009. He was not only a leader but also my mentor. And no one in this building would tell you what we saw [in the special prosecutor's report] about his memory.

A quote from Karine Jean-Pierre, White House spokesperson

Robert Hur wrote that a jury would give the benefit of the doubt to a nice, well-meaning older man with a poor memory.

He also assured that the president, during an interrogation, no longer remembered exactly the year of the death of his eldest son, Beau.

How the hell dare he? retorted Thursday evening Joe Biden, for whom it is an extremely painful subject, during a televised speech.

I mean well, I'm an older man and I know what I'm doing, dammit. I don't have memory problems, he tried to defend himself, barely containing his frustration.

However, this intervention Hastily organized did not convince everyone.

This is not the way to do it, commented a Democratic elected official, Adam Smith. He was angry, there was no clear intention, it didn't go well.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden made one of his usual blunders on Thursday evening. Asked about the situation in the Gaza Strip, he referred to Mexico's President Sissi. He actually meant the Egyptian head of state Abdel Fattah al-Sissi.

It's holy bread for Donald Trump, 77, who will in all likelihood face Joe Biden again in November and who has been attacking him ever since long already in the field of mental and physical vigor.

Friday, the Republican tycoon published on his social network Truth a false map of the Middle East , on which the name of Mexico replaces that of Egypt. At the bottom of the infographic there is this mention: Source: Joe Biden.

In January, Donald Trump, who also has moments of confusion without causing as much debate about his age, had published a mocking campaign clip, based on unattractive images of his rival.

The video depicts the White House as a comfortable retirement home where residents feel like presidents.

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