The best mannik on sour cream

The best mannik on sour cream

The last mannik on sour cream, which you just cooked

Mannik, recipe of some kind, sing-songly, skin-healthy, – universal, simple, that delicious vypіchka. That all the same details, fallow, depending on which product is taken as the basis, which ingredients are added. Prepare mannik with sour cream. The flooring is lower, which is just tane at the mouth.

do not need a lot of products, it means to save an hour, and a budget. The history of the creation of this dessert was lost in the centuries, but it’s important to remember that there are more than one century of pies.

Ingredients 7

Number of servings:



  • Manna grits


  • Sour cream 20%


  • Eggs

    2 pcs

  • Borrow wheat


  • Zukor


  • Apple Ocete

    1 hour l.

  • Kharchov's soda

    1 tsp.

Krok 1/9 Mix sour cream and manna groats until smooth and add 30 quills, schob groats swollen. Krok 2/9 Eggs with zukr and beat with a mixer until fluffy and the appearance of crispy fried bulbs. Krok 3/9 Add swollen sour cream-manna sumish and mix it to the masa. Krok 4/9 Sieve it bountifully with soda and mix again until smooth with a mixer on a low dryness or with a spoon. Krok 5/9 Pour in the estimate. It is important to quench the soda with octome in the very thickness, not in the spoon, otherwise the reaction to the sight of carbon dioxide will pass by itself. Krok 6/9 Stir vigorously, so that the bulbs appear. Krok 7/9 Pour the batter into an oiled and semolina dripped form for brewing. Krok 8/9 Like a mannik blushing, but not yet ready in the middle, cover the surface with a rolling ball of foil. Krok 9/9 Take the mannik out of the oven, cool it, sip it with chicken powder and serve. Savory!