The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami nightlife

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From Nathan's for starters to Twist for closing, Miami Beach and several nearby towns offer quality places to dance, drink and socialize. Azúcar is the favorite of Latinos and The Manor, the most chic

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The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami nightlife

Miami Beach, Wilton Manors and other locations near Miami have great LGBT+ clubs.

The LGBT+ nightIt has always been a meeting place where all people can express themselves and share good times regardless of who they are or how they identify themselves. And the city of Miami and its beaches have added a historically queer atmosphere that has made South Florida a center of pilgrimage.

Divine and Grace Jones were regulars at The Copa, the legendary club in Fort Lauderdale, and places like Score, Magnum and Mova contributed to the international fame of the place. Those spaces no longer exist, but the vibrant local LGBT+ community has not stopped creating clubs to meet and have fun. These are the ones you can't miss if you visit.


The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami nightlife

Twist, a date not to be missed: the place where everyone ends the night in Miami Beach.

With no admission or consumption minimum, Twist is the favorite place for gay men to end the night< /b>in Miami Beach. Since 1993 it has not failed. “It's a historic bar in Miami. Renowned artists come on special occasions: after giving concerts they go to visit the bar,” Israel Loreto, a software engineer and resident of the area, told Infobae. “It is the cradle of sexual and artistic diversity in South Florida. I've met fabulous people there, both passing through and locals.”

Three courts and seven bars on two levels, indoors or outdoors, allow you to spend hours walking without leaving the building. You cannot enter with flip-flops or beach flip-flops, but taking off your shirt is not frowned upon. Lacking a dress code, each night offers something for every style: Showtune Wednesdays is for elegance, with VJ Jason blasting hits from Broadway musicals, for example, and Sabroso Thursdays is for the Latin look.

On Mondays there are $5 drinks all night and on Thursdays, while hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s play, the Bungalow Bar offers two for one. Another reason not to miss this bar is its go-go boys. During the weekend, house DJs alternate on the dance floors and on Tuesday there is a house party presented by the diva Ebonee Excell.

Where? 1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, +1 (305) 538-9478


The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami nightlife

Azúcar, LGBT+ club dedicated to the Latino public.

The LGBT+ community Miami is one of the most diverse in part because of the varied immigration from Latin America. And while many clubs have their nights in Spanish, Azúcar is the only one exclusively dedicated to the Latin public. Located 20 minutes from the beach in Coral Gables, near Little Havana, this club offers some of the best drag shows in the area.

Crazy Saturdays with Sugar are, as their name indicates, the hottest days in the place, but also Sundays, with their Cabaret Night, are among the public's favorite dates. On Thursdays there is Guerra Drag (with a prize) and every day the DJs turn the dance floor to red. In addition to enjoying the talents of Teresita La Caliente, Mariloly (the Queen of Comedy) and Poison Ivy, Azúcar is ideal for meeting people who speak Spanish.

Where? 2301 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, +1 (305) 443-7657


The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami night

Lezchic' organizes pop-up events by women for women.

“Entertainment by women for women” is Lezchic''s motto, but in reality this space founded in 2018 opens its doors (itinerants: these are pop-up events) not only to queer women but also to the non-conforming population with their gender. The curator Rae Jenae founded it with the idea of ​​creating a wide range of offers that is updated on the place's instagram account.

There are bi-weekly events and monthly events, such as the Burlesque Show on Saturdays (Hamburger Mary's, Wilton Manners); also some specials like The Sapphic Garden, part of Afro Pride. Nineties parties, silent disco nights, exotic cabarets and an annual fair are other attractions in this safe and fun area for women's nights out.

Where ? IG: @Lezchic

The Manor

The best LBGT+ clubs to explore the Miami night

The Manor, the classic of one of the most gay-friendly neighborhoods in the United States.

Did you know that north of Miami, In Wilton Manors, is there one of the most gay-friendly neighborhoods in the United States? It is located in Broward county, in the Fort Lauderdale area, and predictably has one of the most exciting nights out in South Florida.

The Manor is the chicest and most impressive of all the clubs in town. For young people (20 to 40 years old mostly), this 16,000 square foot (almost 1,500 square meters) space decorated with crystal chandeliers has a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system. Its stage has been honored by performers like Bianca del Rio and musicians like Brooke Candy.

On two levels, the space offers several bars and three dance floors (the main one is called The Epic Room), as well as a lavish VIP area and a rooftop. Exotic dancing, drag shows and the most famous theme parties in the area make The Manor a must.

Where? 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, + 1 (954) 626-0082


The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami nightlife

The famous Hunters from Palm Springs, California has this location in Wilton Manors.

This sister scene to Hunter Palm Springs, in California, continues that 20-year legacy in the LGBT+ scene. The club at Wilton Manors opened in 2014 and quickly became an institution. Every day there is something special and that makes it super popular.

A lounge on the top floor provides a panoramic view of what's going on on the extensive dance floor. From karaoke nights to celebrity lip-syncing, going through Bear Fridays or cabarets, it offers a plan for every style. An eight projection video wall of the world's favorite pop anthems completes the scene that can be enjoyed with cocktail specials.

¿ Where?2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, +1 (954) 630-3556

Club BOi at The Villa

The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami night

Club BOi at The Villa is another showcase of Miami's diversity, with its mix of hip hop, reggae, R&B, house and Latin rhythms.

This staple of the Miami queer scene has been on the road since 2002, but seems to have found a home at The Villa in Miami Gardens. Its urban-Caribbean vibe makes it unique and the DJs work a unique magic that mixes hip hop, reggae, R&B, house and Latin rhythms.

< p class="paragraph">Sexy Saturdays distinguishes it from other gay clubs for its friendly and safe space, in addition to its diverse audience that goes for the music and the erotic shows but also for the high level of its bar.

Where?19501 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens, +1 (786) 617-4746


The best LBGT+ clubs to explore Miami night Miami

Founded in 1994, Ramrod has been one of the pioneers of the gay scene in Broward County.

Ramrod is one of the pioneers of the LGBT+ scene in Wilton Manors —it was founded in 1994—, especially for fans of leather, uniforms and jeans. Although it has the air of a bar, every night it offers a themed event, such as Cigar Social on Mondays or Leather Night on Fridays and Sundays. There are also fun contests, such as Best Backside on Tuesdays, and the most anticipated of them happens once a year: the election of Mr. Ramrod.

The dress code depends on the theme of the evening, and is enforced. On Saturdays there is always a guest DJ. The decoration is unique: gargoyles, lions, dungeons that give it an air between dark and medieval.

Where? 1508 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, +1 954-763-8219

Bonus Track: Nathan's, the classic preview bar

The best LBGT+ clubs to explore the night of Miami

Nathan's, the place where queer night in Miami Beach begins.

If it is known that queer night in Miami Beach usually ends at Twist, it is equally true that it begins at Nathan's .

“The most unique experience in gay bars”, as this establishment founded in 2020 presents itself, is a classic video bar that in its screens recall the most beloved scenes from shows with Sex and the City, The Big Bang Theory, Friends or The Brady Bunch. In its corridor form, the bar accommodates six private themed sections, and also offers the possibility of outdoor seating on the patio.

In addition to a prominent cocktail bar, Nathan's has a A well-stocked calendar of events, with costume parties for Halloween, karaoke and Latin dance nights, Flashy Fridays and Sexy Saturdays. Happy hour happens at the best time of the night, from 7 to 9.

Where? 1216 Washington Ave, Miami Beach