The best jeans?  Profeco analyzes 17 models: Oggi, Levi’s …

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Profeco rated brands such as Levi’s, Oggi and Members Mark to determine which ones meet quality standards for men’s pants.

Mexico City, September 11 (However) .– The mens jean pants of the brands Today, Silver and Silverado were rated as “the best” in an analysis conducted by the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), while those of Levi’s, American Crew and Members Mark they do not comply 100 percent with the Official Mexican Standard on Labeling of textile products.

The agency analyzed 17 models from eight brands and included a total of 204 tests (12 for each of the models) in which the finishes in fabric and clothing were rated, in addition to the identification and fiber content, size change due to effects. of washing, size verification, fabric weight, resistance to fading, distortion of the garment after washing and the durability of the garments.

The results were published in the September issue of the Consumer Magazine, where it is noted that men’s pants that received the best ratings were:

Oggi / Black Black Reckless (466 pesos), rated as excellent because they met all the standards.
Silver Plate Rocco / 705 (499 pesos), were also rated as excellent.
Silverado Forte / 50501 (229 pesos), was the third to meet all quality standards.

According to Profeco, the model Levi’s / 501 (with a cost of 1,167 pesos) presented loose seams, “although it is not serious to melt its presentation,” said the agency.

The pants American Crew / 50479 They were rated as very good because they have 99 percent cotton and 1 percent other fibers, but as they are not 100 percent cotton, they do not comply with the Official Mexican Standard on Commercial Information-Labeling of textile products, clothing, their accessories. and home clothes (NOM-004-SCFI-2006)

While the pants of Members Mark / G607D0505 (219 pesos) was rated as very good but it also failed to comply with NOM-004-SCFI-2006 because it has 99.7 percent cotton and 0.3 percent other fibers.


The analysis of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office also mentions the following brands:

The Silver Plate Rocco / 704 (449 pesos) were rated very good.

The Cimarron / 3080 model (216 pesos) was rated very good because there was no evidence of distortion of the garment after washing.

The Silver Plate Rocco / 706 (499 pesos), the Cimarron model / 3000 (215 pesos), the Oggi pants / baja softened power (429 pesos), the Oggi spring stone vaxter (484 pesos) Oggi spring stone power (469 pesos) ) and Silver Plate Rocco / 707 (474 ​​pesos) entered the rating as very good because they were also found not to distort after washing.

For its part, the Silver Plate Rocco / 708 (474 ​​pesos) also entered the category of very good, but distortion of the garment was detected after washing.

The Basis concepts / 50430 jeans (161 pesos) and the Oggi / Avi Stone Vaxter (499 pesos) were rated only good.

Profeco recommended to the public that when buying a denim trousers I check that the product is not defective, try it and consider the price.

For washing, he advised that it be done before the pants are released, read the labels and do not leave the garment in the sun for a long time when drying.

The best jeans?  Profeco analyzes 17 models: Oggi, Levi’s …

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