The beautician told about the mistakes in facial skin care at home

The beautician told about the mistakes in facial skin care at home

Cosmetologist Alexandra Gont spoke about common mistakes in facial skin care at home. First of all, it is important to choose the right cosmetics that will help you save money on visits to a specialist.

The beautician told about the mistakes in facial skin care at home

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You can look much younger than your age with good skin care products. However, you must remember about the rules for the use of cosmetics. It is not recommended to use the toner as a make-up cleanser. It is applied to the skin after micellar water, hydrophilic oil and facial wash. Herbal extracts and restorative components are often added to tonics. The product helps to completely cleanse the face and prepare the skin for further care.

After washing and applying tonic, cosmetologists advise using a serum, and then applying a cream. Thus, the epidermis receives the maximum amount of nutrients. In addition, the serum is able to nourish the deep layers of the skin, and the cream only superficially moisturizes. It is important to use cosmetics of the same brand or series, since they work better in tandem.

Micellar water is intended for cleansing the skin from decorative cosmetics. However, not all women know that it needs to be washed off. If this is not done, dirt from the surface of the skin penetrates into the layers of the epidermis. In case of acne, it is not recommended to use a foundation and a corrective pencil, since as a result the effect of the treatment of the disease is leveled, said dermatologist Tatyana Egorova.

Also, do not dry oily skin with products that include alcohol. It is best to use moisturizing products specially formulated for this type. Before using a new cosmetic product, you must purchase a probe that will allow you to understand the quality and effect of the product on the epidermis.

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