The battle for Soledar continues, – President

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The battle for Soledar continues, President

President Zelensky recorded a video addressing Ukrainians in the end of the 324th day of the war by the Srashists.

“The hard battle for the Donetsk region continues. The battle for Bakhmut and Soledar, for Kremennaya, for other cities and villages in the east of our state continues. Although the enemy concentrated the largest forces in this direction, our military – Armed Forces of Ukraine, all defense and security forces – protect the state.

I thank every soldier, sergeant and officer of brigades and other army units who bravely and steadfastly carry out their tasks! Thanks to the soldiers of the “Kraken” unit for decisive actions to destroy the enemy in the Soledar area! Thanks to the soldiers of the International Legion of the GUR MO and the Shaman unit, who courageously defend Bakhmut!

Three hundred and twenty-four days of a full-scale war, and how everything has changed for Russia … They are already squabbling among themselves over there to whom to attribute some kind of tactical advancement. This is a clear signal of failure to the enemy. And this is another incentive for all of us to put more pressure on the occupiers and inflict heavy losses on the enemy. Thanks to everyone who provides it! Both on the front line and on all our other fronts, ",– Zelensky said.

Composed by: Nina Petrovich

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