The battle for Donetsk region: what to check next time and why the role of HIMARS is key

The battle for Donetsk region: what to check next time and why the role of HIMARS is key

Russians are not allowed to enter the administrative cordons of the Donetsk region. Ale chi є in them for what resource? Together with the Ukrainian expert, the journalists of the “Skhidny variant” tried to predict what the future of Ukraine would look like in the military plan.

The President of the Aggressor Territory, Volodymyr Putin, actually voted on the 22nd of the fierce – two days before the full-scale invasion. Ninі come to the end of the last month of war, and the meta rashist zavdyaki vіdchaydushnymi and blissful days ZSU loses unattainable.

Formally, the Russians have not yet begun to invade the Lugansk region – there are more battles near Bilogorivtsi. And those who, in the nearest possible occupation, want to take control of the Words and #8217;yansk and Kramatorsk, looking obvious.

Journalists of “Skhidny variant” asked Defense Express expert Ivan Kirichevsky about the tactics of the Russians, their future development of the ZSU in order to attack the enemy on Kramatorsk, Slov'yansk, Bakhmut and other places.

The illogical evils of the Russians in the Donetsk region continue to continue

The Russian military continues to beat on civilian objects in the Donetsk region, destroying the civil infrastructure, and most of all, taking people's lives . Yak bi prikro not bulo tse viznavati, ale rashisti is unlikely to step in due to their tactics of war against civilians, just like those who do not bring their annual dividends to the Viysk plan.

;yatipoverhіvtsі at Chasovoy Yar. 48 dead civilians were reported in DSNS.

Battle for Donetsk region: what to check next time and why the role of HIMARS is key

Ruinuvannya in Chasovoy Yar Photo by DSNS

“The Russians committed an absolutely illogical malice,” says Ivan Kirichevskiy. – These Iskander complexes, from which they fired rockets, are recognized for hitting the coals of the territory. And the Russians tried to plant as many as 4 rockets with 500 kg warheads on a small place in a small place, as if they were a couple of dozen kilometers away from the front line.

The expert names two different reasons for this. Persha is a pardon for agents, otherwise it’s clever misinformation of their curators, abi take away pennies for intelligence from the enemy

“The SBU is declaring from time to time that they were catching a chergovy zradnik, like spying, chasing the heads of the Russian special services – trying to find out our positions. The idea is as follows: the curator let the head know the position of the national battalion. The agent, which is unimaginable virishiti tse zavdannya, induce fire on the vipadkovy object, passing to the curator, moving, the axis for the given address is based on 200 osib. And for the version of the headquarters, they really got it on the basis of their appointment, they were so called nationalists, ” — the expert explains.

Another imovirna reason is the miserable decline of civilian objects in order to alleviate panic among the population.

“It's no secret that Ukrainian society is sensitive to the needs of the civilian population. As if to show that one rocket projectile has been dropped into the Russians, with great agility, you can fly yourself over a civilian object. The stench will be repaired and attacked”, — Ivan Kirichevsky admits.

Another important nuance lies in the fact that Ukrainian anti-terrorist defense is already more effective at hitting missiles, like flying at military objects. . For this very reason, Russian rockets so often reach civilian objects in Ukrainian places, zocrema in Donbas.

HIMARS at dії. Together with the ammunition in the warehouses, the plans of the Russians to suffocate the Donechchin are swaying

The main forces of the Russian military bases in the Donbass and mayat the task of attacking the great city of Donechchini – Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, in the next hour, Bakhmut.The British rozvezdtsy say that the fights for Kramatorsk will be key in the entire battle for Donbas.

Are there enough resources in Russia for anyone?

American rocket artillery systems HIMARS, zavdyaki yakim The ZSU has already launched dozens of strikes against Russian ammunition depots, allowing us to rely on a positive response to the food chain for us.

Battle for Donetsk region: what checks in the next hour and why the role of HIMARS is key

HIMARS system Photo from the side of the General Staff of the ZSU

Ivan Kirichevskiy seems to say: the role of these systems in the battles in the Donbass can be fully understood for the time being, but it’s key. For this reason, the Russians called out that they could win over the ammunition: є permanent supply of shells, constant supply of shells, daily logistics stations.

Logistics at the enemy began to have significant problems.

Battle for Donetsk region: check out next hour why is the role of HIMARS key

Vibukhs in warehouses near Lugansk Photo of local residents

“Three warehouses near Lugansk, Russians planned to supply ammunition to the popesnyansky military group, — explains Ivan Kyrichevsky. — Let's understand that in such a warehouse we can store up to 20 thousand tons of various types of ammunition. Tse i shells, i missiles for MLRS, i anti-tank missiles, i ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles. In order to generate 20 thousand tons of ammunition, Russia needs the least amount of ammunition. It’s not right for me to call them orcs for nothing, and they begin to visajuvat on peaceful objects everything that is under one’s hand.”

One more argument, which puts the successful offensive of the Russians on the great places of Donbass under doubt – great expenditure of manpower. Elite parts, like Kirichevskiy, have ended with the Russians. The other army corps is half killed. In the meantime, the so-called “mobiles” – primus mobilization.

The only thing that is in Russia is the ability to fire 60,000 shells for mining at Ukrainian positions. And then strike at the warehouses with ammunition from the side of the ZSU look more lower logical and more modern than galvanize the enemy’s plan.

Ivan Kirichevskiy ts nashtovhuє on historical parallels with Another World War:

“The American allies in the early 1944 began to beat the factories of the Third Reich, as if they were preparing synthetic gasoline. This is a fatal blow for the Hitler regime. They also had a thousand important bombers, with which the Nazis could attack London, but they lost their sense, if these bombers could not be refueled. Thus, the ZSU itself is immediately deployed at the enemy’s ammunition depots, and see the plans of the Russians on the outskirts of the Donetsk region.”

Move rash on the way means move the territory on the front

Ukrainians are often pleased to see the General Staff that the ZSU will carry out “counter-offensive actions” in Ukraine's military operations, and in Kherson region. Obviously, even a military expert, great merit is in the many of our military people at the meeting, because they don’t see the Donbass when the Russians have a great need.

Behind the words of Ivan Kirichevskiy, the majority of the combatant children were thrown away on their own, just as the smaller combatants are left on the pivdni.

“15 battalion groups of Russians are defending the pivdni. Clearings in the defense in them do not allow you to gain ZSU intermediate successes. The Russians are trying to attack. Our officials want to ask people to evacuate, the shards of the battle can go to a larger scale format, ” — says Kyrychevsky.

Stream rashists at the gatherings of Ukraine, nav’ vimotuvati їх i at once step by step vitiated from the pivdnya of Ukraine – the very same tactics are being extended by the ZSU. І, as if Kirichevskiy, it is entirely logical, the shards of Kherson’s expansion will be an eminent moral blow for the Russians. And for Donetsk, the increase in the resource for the Zahistu is significant.