The Batman 2: this villain introduced in the series The Penguin risks leading Gotham to its loss

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The HBO series centered on The Penguin has just added a new antagonist to the series. its plot. A new super-villain who should logically play a central role in the sequel to The Batman. He's a character who could put Gotham on edge. fire and blood.

The Batman 2: This villain introduces into the dry; rie The Penguin risks dooming Gotham

The Penguin : the series becomes more and more precise

Directed by Lauren LeFranc, the series The Penguin< /em> becomes more and more precise. Distributed by HBO, this series will take place after the events of The Batman. The Disappearance of Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) leaves room for the villains of Gotham City to become the new boss of the underworld. The Penguin, who will always be embodied; by Colin Farrell, will take advantage of the fall of Carmine Falcone to become the new boss of Gotham.

The Batman 2: this villain introduced in the Penguin series risks bringing Gotham to ruin

This series ;rie in8 episodeswill therefore make it possible to make the transition between the two films The Batman. The show will also make it possible to leave more room for the character of the Penguin, brilliantly embodied. by Colin Farrell in the Matt Reeves film.

A new big bad will land in the series

He re&d; recently been confirmed that comedian Michael Zegen is joining the cast of The Penguin. He will play Alberto Falcone, the son of Carmine Falcone and the brother of Sofia Falcone, played by Christin Milioti. The series should therefore tell how Alberto Falcone will try to take over from his late father and thus ensure the heritage and hegemony of the Falcone family over Gotham. City. Alberto has the potential to become the big bad of The Batman 2, and could jeopardize the balance of all organized crime. of Gotham, as he does in the comics Batman : The Long Halloween and Batman : Dark Victory >.

In the comics, Alberto Falcone then becomes Holiday Killer. Indeed, when his father rejects him, preferring to keep him Away from his business, Alberto spins and becomes the Holiday Killer. He is a serial killer who gets rid of the Falcone family bosses, and perpetuates his murders only on holidays. He even coached a massive gang war between the Falcone and Maronis families and murdered Salvatore Maroni, another giant of Gotham's underworld, himself.

The Batman 2: This villain introduced in The Penguin series risks leading Gotham to hell. his loss

Finally, Alberto Falcone ends up being arrested by Batman, who throws him to death. Arkham Asylum. Alberto is then murdered. in the hospital by Sofia Falcone in Batman: Dark Victory. Thus, since Michael Zegen will play Alberto Falcone in The Penguin, there is a good chance that the character evolves into Holiday Killer in The Batman 2.

As a reminder, The Batman 2 is expected on October 1, 2025 in theaters. The film will still be directed; by Matt Reeves and will see the return of Robert Pattinson as Gotham City's vigilante!