The Barranquilla travels, happily, beaches and stadiums. The Catalan is attacked in his matches.

The Barranquilla travels, happily, beaches and stadiums. The Catalan is attacked in his matches.

Shakira woke up this Friday with the news that the Barcelona Prosecutor's Office is asking for eight years in prison for the tax fraud case that is going against him in Spain.

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Despite that, the singer from Barranquilla seems to remain calm. This, also in the midst of the intricate separation process between her and soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Precisely, in the midst of those tense emotions that Shakira is experiencing, she has surprised that she is leading her normal life without problems. Especially because Piqué apparently does not have a good time, because in each of his matches with Barcelona in the United States has received great signs of rejection.

Shakira's tranquility can be seen in her most recent photos on the beaches of Mexico and, paradoxically, some North American stadiums. br>
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'Shakira, happy… and Piqué?'

The barranquillera travels, blissfully, beaches and stadiums. The Catalan is attacked in their matches.

As has been known, Shakira was in days gone by with her children on the beaches of Mexico .

The photographs of the woman from Barranquilla accompanied by her local fans have also been highlighted by all her followers.

Apparently, the woman from Barranquilla toured the paradisiacal area of ​​Los Cabos.

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Different reactions in the stages

The Barranquillera travels, happily, beaches and stadiums. The Catalan is attacked in his matches.

Likewise, Shakira has spent her last hours in the city of Los Angeles visiting big stages. Among them, the stadium of the Dodgers, a Major League Baseball team.

In the opinion of her fans, It is striking that the woman from Barranquilla is received in style in sports settings, while Piqué suffers loud boos and accusations in the venues where he has played with Barcelona in recent days.

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So far, Shakira has not commented on the new request from the Barcelona Prosecutor's Office.

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