The Barcelona footballer lives his toughest year in personal and sports matters. 

The Barcelona footballer lives his toughest year in personal and sports matters. 

Gerard Piqué spends his most complicated months, his whole life gave him an unexpected guro. The famous Barcelona player led a happy life, at the club and in his family. But today his reality is very different since his separation from Shakira.

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Piqué's nostalgia

The latest weeks have been very intense for the ex-partner, not only because of the media siege and the many versions that come out in the press about each of their movements. Also for the leaks about the mood.

The Barcelona footballer is experiencing his toughest year in personal and sports matters. 

This is the case of Piqué, who throughout this stormy situation has been very affected, according to his relatives.

Currently, he lives the legal dispute in the courts to determine the custody of his two children, something that has undoubtedly hit the player in the face of the reality of no longer being with the minors on a daily basis.

Press versions realize how difficult this situation has been for the footballer since the beginning of the separation.

“He doesn't want leaks and that has given free rein to information that is not true. Piqué projects an image that he doesn't care what they say about him and it's not like that. He affects her, and a lot, and she's having a hard time. We have seen him cry. She feels passion for her children and would be able to give up anything as long as they don't have a bad time. She loves making plans with them,” said a close friend of the Spanish media.

What come to me now?

The Barcelona footballer lives his toughest year in personal and sports matters. 

After the British newspaper 'The sun' shared photographs of the alleged new girlfriend of the Barcelona footballer, most of information from the entertainment media points to new details that would have said woman as the protagonist.

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Lo The last thing that has been known is that Piqué, despite his nostalgia, would be executing a supposed “revenge plan” against Shakira.

All, apparently, due to the effects that the announcement of the breakup has had on his life. And the woman in question would have a vital role in his 'plan'.

Gerard Piqué goes in the afternoons, with his new girlfriend, to his parents' house, which is attached to Shakira's house. And that has her totally devastated,” revealed the paparazzi Jordi Martin, who has followed the situation from the beginning, in one of his most recent reports.


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