The Barcelona footballer cannot get out of the bad moment that has him in the eye of the hurricane.

The Barcelona footballer cannot get out of the bad moment that has him in the eye of the hurricane.

A court in Madrid (Spain) admitted in the last few hours a complaint against Gerard Piqué, a Barcelona player, and Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for the alleged crimes of “business corruption” and “unfair administration”.

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The judge in the case, according to the 'Europa Press' agency, quoted by the 'HuffPost', points out that the facts in question “have the characteristics of an alleged crime of unfair administration and corruption in business.” However, the judge indicates, “the nature” or the “circumstances” of the events have not yet been determined. .

What is Piqué accused of?

The Barcelona footballer cannot get out of the bad moment that has him in the eye of the hurricane.

Gerard Piqué, Barcelona defender, asked the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, to play the Tokyo Olympics last summer, according to an audio published by 'El Confidencial' a couple of weeks ago within the talks about the negotiation to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

“You have to do this to me, eh Rubi, I you have to get it, hell. It makes me excited that you shit play the Olympic Games”, is heard to say to
Piqué, who had previously resigned from the senior team and asks Rubiales for discretion in one of the audios revealed by ' The Confidential'.

In a later response, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) affirms that the coach is the one who has to make the decisions, although he would be “delighted”.

“I already told the coach about it and he knows it. He also has to make the decisions and of course you know that I am delighted to lend a hand there. Of course, you have to keep it a secret and the coach, if he trusts, wants and throws 'palante', I'm very happy. I would like you to come to the absolute, the other one, because we need you more”, Rubiales replied.

In the end, Piqué was not part of the fair ones.

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Among the information revealed, it is also indicated that the RFEF rejected an offer to celebrate the Super Cup in Catar, in which there was no penalty if Barcelona or Real Madrid did not participate. Qatar offered 33 million plus an annual increase of 3% from the fourth year.

The publication of this information and these audios has taken place after the RFEF denounced last Thursday, April 14, having suffered a computer attack in the framework of an “organized criminal action and aimed at the subsequent revelation of secrets through the distribution of documentation confidential with a clear spurious intention” and in which they would have stolen documents, conversations and private audios of its president and general secretary. Then he announced that “through his Department of Integrity and Security, he is going to report to the National Police the theft of information from his email accounts, as well as private text and audio conversations of executives of the federal entity.” p>More news Miguel Borja has already arranged with River Plate, according to the Argentine press Néstor Lorenzo, a challenge from Cali in a duel against Melgar from the South American team Sebastián Villa, present in Boca's great draw against Corinthians

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