The band had the support of men involved in professional football.

The band had the support of men involved in professional football.

The operation against an organization that was allegedly engaged in fixing matches within the scope of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the National League of Gibraltar to profit from sports betting has concluded with twenty-one detainees.

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According to the Spanish National Police reported this Wednesday, the detainees, to which are added six others under investigation and among whom are footballers from Second and Third RFEF, fourth and fifth category of Spanish football, they could have cheated more than 500,000 euros.

Following this joint operation with Interpol and Europol,The Police consider this organization to have been dismantled, with branches in Cádiz, Badajoz, Seville and Almería, whose members are accused of belonging to a criminal organization, corruption between individuals in the sports field and fraud against gaming operators.

The organization was made up of two “leaders” – two men linked to the world of professional football – and, among others, by footballers who took advantage of their profession to provide privileged information. Also part of it were “achievers” who provided identities to operate in the internet game and “mules” who went in person to different game rooms to make pre-fixed sports bets and collect the prizes obtained, the Police explained in a statement.

It was detected in May 2021 due to irregular behavior in the betting market in a Third Division football match, but its existence predates that date. Thanks to the coordination channels that the National Police maintains open with the RFEF, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGPJ) and the National Professional Football League, after its detection, the alert was transferred to the National Police Center for Integrity in Sports and Betting (CENPIDA) of the Central UDEV. This body, specialized in the investigation of corruption in sports, verified the existence of this organization, led by two men linked to the world of professional soccer who took advantage of the personal ties they had with the players and members of the Third Division soccer teams. Division.

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This is how the organization operated

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The athletes provided internal information about the teams, such as last-minute line-ups, discards or game systems. To do this, the leaders of the network created encrypted communication groups with the footballers themselves to manage sports fixes and obtain great profits from their bets.

With this information, the leaders placed bets, both physically in the bookmakers themselves and, more frequently, online. In face-to-face bets, they used to make fractional amounts to prevent the prize collection from generating the issuance of a prize certificate for the Public Treasury by the gambling hall.

Once the prizes have been obtained, the leaders of the network divided the benefits between the athletes involved and the other members of the organization, which, according to the Police, used important security measures to make it difficult to identify the soccer players and the rest of their members.

A fundamental part of the framework were the soccer players involved, including some from Atlético Sanluqueño. They allegedly organized sports fixes in different soccer teams under their influence. The network had collaborators who provided their identities to operate in the online game, in exchange for one hundred euros, and with “mules”, people who went in person to different rooms to make the bets prefixed by the leaders and collect the prizes obtained.

Three house searches have been carried out in the operation in which 60,000 euros in cash have been seized, as well as two motor vehicles.

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