The “Bachelor’s” wife Hanna Bogdan boasted a brand new tattoo

The “Bachelor’s” wife Hanna Bogdan boasted a brand new tattoo

How to write , a blogger who is a supporter of one of the seasons of the reality show Bachelor Hanna Bogdan shared happy shots without excesses. Moreover, the girl again voiced her string figure and started talking about the transformation.

The “Bachelor” helper Hanna Bogdan boasted of a new tattoo in a jubilant way

“I made myself a small tattoo” – Hannah wrote with intrigue and showed her lifted figure. Won's tattoo started to show directly on tsomu.

Earlier, Ganna had already opened up about those who lost 16 kg once in 6 months, and gave them time to do it right.

“How to lose weight? Oh, girl, tse, singsongly, one of the best food in Google. 1. Proper eating. No diets. 2. Turn off the licorice. 3. Drink water. Bagato. 4. Training and sports. 5. Love yourself and your body! Girls, be and see, and cry, and throw everything away! turned to Kiev.

For the sake of the kolishna, Zalivako dressed in simple and comfortable clothes.

Hanna Bogdan, the Bachelor's helper, boasted about her new tattoo

In another photo, Anna showed that she spent the evening with him: . Dyakuyu for that warm soulful evening”, & # 8211; written by Ganna.

The “Bachelor” helper Ganna Bogdan boasted about her new tattoo