The bachelor season 10: who won the finale of the Dating show

Find out who has been chosen to pilot Maxim Mikhailyuk

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Холостяк 10 сезон: кто победил в финале романтического шоу

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This Friday, may 22, was held the final of the jubilee season of the Dating show of Ukraine “the Bachelor-10”. In the final edition of the project for the heart of the main character Maxim Mikhaylyuk fought two girls – Daria Ulyanova and Dana Okhanskaya. Final visits with finalists were held in a romantic setting – the capital of Spain, Barcelona.

Холостяк 10 сезон: кто победил в финале романтического шоу

Finalists show “the Bachelor” season 10 – Dariya and Dana

Despite the fact that the main character was difficult to make a choice, cherished the ring he gave 23-year-old gymnast from Krivoy Rog Darya Ulyanova. At first glance the girl remembered the Maxim of his dance – flexibility and femininity of Daria sunk into the soul of the protagonist.

The final date on the heroes project cannot be considered perfect – at the end of the meeting, they quarreled. Daria and Maxim spent together all day. Everything was as she wanted, lots of hugs and kisses, a romantic trip to Barcelona and dinner by candlelight. However, at the end of the day something went wrong. The couple unexpectedly had a falling out and the bachelor left the date. At the moment Dasha started crying and wondered: “Why did he leave? I didn’t do anything wrong”.

The girl was very worried about this and realized that the date didn’t go perfectly. Maxim, in turn, admitted that the hardest part of the project was for him to give any guarantee. Maxim explained his action at the last meeting.

“I did something impulsive, because I care about you. This is the beginning of our love story. I want to be with you”, – with these words the Maxim handed the ring to Daria.

Recall that in the penultimate edition of the show “the Bachelor-10” girls met with the parents of Maxim Mikhaylyuk.

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