“The Bachelor” helper Dasha Ulyanova propagated a cicavi way to help ZSU

“The Bachelor” helper Dasha Ulyanova propagated a cicavi way to help ZSU

“The Bachelor”'s helper Dasha Ulyanova propagated a cicada way to help ZSU

Popular Ukrainian blogger Dasha Ulyanova, as she was the assistant of one of the seasons of the show “The Bachelor”, often delights her audience with bright publications on her side in Instagram. So, for the first time the world has shared the results of a new photo session, as it ruled in the middle of Kiev, it turned back to the chanuvals to help the ZSU.

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As you can see, in the new photographs, Dasha is shown in her poses and in an unusual way. In front of the camera, Vaughn appeared in a sporty outfit – black leggings and a camouflage sweater, and on her legs there were smart sneakers. The maiden's hair is loose and unkemptly styled, and there is a light make-up on her face.

At the end of the signature before publication, Ulyanova propagated her sports marathon to the dancers for donati on the ZSU.

“We help ZSU! We become healthy, beautiful. Improve your emotional state. Against the backdrop of the rest of the podia, they broke the head of the war, de our warriors seized the initiative! Usya kraina is not self-radiant, veil light in the reception area for our superheroes. The people continue to unite and become stronger than ever. I also want to get to the bottom of the name action. I call on you, my beautiful active audience, rally at the same time with me. I will preach to you those that I can do the best: sports, gymnastics, twine, stretching for any kind of donation to ZSU & # 8221;, & # 8211; blogger wrote.