The average price of new buildings in large cities of Russia is 101.5 thousand rubles per sq. m; in the largest - 137.6 thousand . rub. - experts From IFX

The average cost of primary real estate in the 18 largest regional markets of Russia (16 million-plus cities, Moscow and Leningrad regions) in early December amounted to 137.6 thousand rubles. per sq. m. The indicator practically did not change compared to the previous month: a decrease of less than 0.1%. Growth compared to December last year is 18.8%. Such data is provided by Cyan.Analytics. According to the estimates of “Etazhi”, new buildings on average in Russia fell by 1% over the month, to 101.5 thousand rubles. per sq. m. At the same time, this value exceeds the figure for the same period last year by 14.6%. In Avito Real Estate, the average cost of a lot in Russian new buildings is estimated at 5.9 million rubles. Over the month, it decreased by 0.5%, but over the year it increased by 13.4%, Kommersant reports.

In Moscow, according to Cyan.Analytics, new buildings fell in price by 1, 7%, up to 320.1 thousand rubles. per sq. m, in the Moscow region – minus 1.3%, up to 163.5 thousand rubles. per sq. m. In St. Petersburg, the dynamics is less pronounced. The average price in the primary market for the month decreased by 0.8% to 235.6 thousand rubles. per sq. m. In the Leningrad region – by 0.1%, up to 148.1 thousand rubles. per sq. m. Among the smaller regional markets, the most noticeable dynamics for the month, according to Cyan.Analitiki, was in Volgograd, where the average cost of primary housing decreased by 3.7%, to 85.2 thousand rubles. per sq. m. In Ufa – minus 2.8%, up to 110.1 thousand rubles. per sq. m. In “Etazhy” pay attention to the reduction in the cost of new buildings in Khanty-Mansiysk by 1.4% per month, to 106.3 thousand rubles. per sq. m, writes Kommersant.


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