The authorities confirmed the death of one person. 

A man died and several fans were injured after a confrontation between the “barras bravas” (ultras) of the teams Luján and Leandro N. Alem, in a football match corresponding to the Primera C of Argentina, club sources confirmed this Monday The match, played this Sunday at the Municipal de Luján, had to be suspended after 14 minutes of play, when the local fans presumably threw a firecracker at the visiting bench.

The fans of both teams later left the stadium and in the vicinity began the clashes, but the most serious events occurred with the break-in of a “white truck”, from which Leandro N. Alem's “barras bravas” would have come out to shoot with firearms, sources from the local club reported .

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Police report

“There was a deceased, which we were informed at dawn. We are in the hands of Justice and in communication with them so that this can be defined as quickly as possible. We are not aware of whether (the aggressors) have been identified,” said Luján's second vice president, Juan Pablo Faggiani, on Monday in dialogue with the TN news channel.

The leader of the local team confessed that there was no evidence of threats among the fans of the teams during the week, while describing the events as “crazy.”

“The operation was carried out in a According to the authorities, the issue of the police was reinforced, but how the events unfold according to the videos seen is very difficult to prevent,” Faggiani asserted, stressing that it is “very difficult” to avoid clashes between ” barra bravas”.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA), organizer of the First C, issued a statement to “strongly” condemn what happened in the Municipal Stadium of Luján, qualifying the perpetrators as “a small group of misfits who do nothing but overshadow the true party that football generates.”