The Attorney General's Office opened an investigation against the director of the ICBF in Guaviare

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The investigative entity will also investigate cases of alleged sexual abuse generated by the FF.MM in the department between 2019 and 2023

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 The Attorney General's Office opened an investigation against the director of the ICBF in Guaviare

The Attorney General's Office (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)

The Attorney General's Office General of the Nation took the measure of opening a disciplinary investigation against the regional director of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) Joaquín Mendieta Silguero, who, apparently, had knowledge of the sexual abuse against minors < b>indigenous and had not lifted the necessary protection measures after a publication made in the media.

Office of the Attorney General opened investigation against director of ICBF in Guaviare

An ICBF official assured that the cases of sexual abuse against indigenous girls “are not so worrisome.” Joaquín Mendieta, the regional director of the entity in Guaviare, was also unaware of the statistics of sexual violence in the department


The official in Guaviare will be heard by the territorial prosecutor of the department on January 23, 2023, at 9:00 in the morning, so that he renders its version regarding the facts that are the subject of the investigation.

In turn, the control entity requested the territorial direction of the ICBF in Guaviare information on advanced administrative actions to establish the rights of this population carried out between 2022 and 2023, related to acts of sexual abuse of indigenous minors.< /p>

 The Attorney General's Office opened an investigation against the director of the ICBF in Guaviare

The Guaviare Attorney's Office requests answers for cases of sexual exploitation of indigenous minorsThe Public Ministry wants to know if any formal strategy has been followed to protect the rights of minors from the nukak and jiw ethnic groups


On the other hand, it required a copy of the criminal complaints filed by state officials of said territorial entity regarding this type of case, during the same years. Regarding the case, the Disciplinary Prosecutor's Office for the Public Force, initiated a preliminary investigation against military personnel to be established, through which it is intended to identify other possible acts of sexual abuse against indigenous girls del Guaviare.

Regarding the case, the Prosecutor's Office continues to carry out investigations and tries to clarify the name and location of the military units based in the< b>Guaviare, names and data of those who commanded during 2019 to 2023.

The Attorney General's Office opened an investigation against the director of the ICBF in Guaviare

Gustavo Petro ordered the ICBF to go to Guaviare to corroborate the “horror” of the alleged sexual abuse of indigenous children. The president sent an “urgency” message to his teammates; however, the reaction occurred one month after the complaint was made known


The control entity requested the General Inspectorate of the National Army and the Jungle Infantry Battalion No. 18 'José Joaquín París' information related to complaints against members of the military for related conduct, received during the last four years.

The Public Ministry requested information from the National Attorney General's Office, to the Ombudsman of San José de Guaviare and to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare Sectional Guaviare, to establish the existence of other events of this nature in this area of ​​the country

Compilation of the investigative facts

On Thursday, November 17, the case was known of alleged sexual abuse by a soldier of the National Army against a minor in the municipality of El Retorno, in the department of Guaviare, according to the institution itself.

According to information provided by the National Army, two soldiers, in an alleged act of disobedience, left their mobile patrol base and entered, without prior authorization, a house in the sector.

< p class="paragraph">According to initial investigations, one of the officers allegedly carried out 'improper acts' against minor who was in the place. Regarding the process, the command of the Twenty-second Jungle Brigade, belonging to the Fourth Division of the Colombian Army , explained that after hearing the complaint, a disciplinary inquiry was opened against the uniformed officer allegedly involved.

ICBF intervention in cases of alleged sexual abuse in the department of Guaviare

According to figures provided by the ICBF, it is recorded that for the 2022, 192 complaints of sexual violence against minors were reported in the region, that is, an average of four accusations per week. But what is worrying for the community in the territory is that the development of the investigations is mostly not fruitful and, on the contrary, the cases of pregnancy in minors have increased.

It is expected that, with the intervention of the Attorney General's Office, cases such as the one reported at the beginning of the year in the territory reach the culprits and generate the pertinent sanctions.

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