The atmosphere of the World Cup breathed on Špotáková while commentating, she would not want to be on the field anymore

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On Šs breath while commenting on the MS atmosphere, on the surface she wouldn't want to be anymore

Czech javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková, July 30, 2023.

Budapest – World record holder Barbora Špotáková breathed her last on Friday while commenting on the javelin competition World Cup atmosphere. But she would not want to be on the screen anymore, she told Czech journalists. She went on a trip to Budapest, as part of which she accepted a television offer. Quite naturally, she didn't feel comfortable commenting.

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The two-time Olympic champion ended her professional career last year after winning the bronze medal at the European Championships in Munich. On the domestic scene, she also completed several races this year, including the Zlatá tretra and the national championship. In Ústí nad Orlicí, she crossed the 60-meter mark. But he definitely does not feel at the world competition. “Something still hurts me when I do something. I threw 60 meters, but then I suffered for a week. I can't really do it anymore, even if I wanted to a thousand times. But 60 still goes, that's not bad. I move, but it's not for the championship the world. And even a hard surface, as they say here. I would have suffered like a dog,” Špotáková recounted.

The trip to Budapest came about as a private plan. “I have personal ties here in Hungary. I wanted (son) Janek to experience the atmosphere, and to show him a bit of Budapest. I wanted to see this stadium, which we will probably never have in our republic… It just works here… beautiful stadium, beautiful atmosphere,” she stated.

In the end, she spent the evening program on the commentary stand. “It was a pleasant change. I also talked about the height and the triple jump. I hope that no one will be me… I don't think that I would say nonsense about it, but I don't feel that I would be in my own skin,” admitted Špotáková.

She competed at the World Championships seven times between 2005 and 2019 and won three world titles. She didn't follow athletics in general even during her racing career, and now she has even less time to do so. That's why he doesn't know if he'll want to commentate next year at the European Championships in Rome. “I'd have a hard time sitting down. I can't imagine doing a job that involves sitting. So far, I'm extremely active and extremely active with my children. Sitting is not really my style, except maybe just to take a peek. I'm not even into statistics. Someone would He should have known more about that than I did,” she mused.

She did not want to comment on the javelin qualification, from which none of the three Czech representatives advanced. “I'd rather not comment on that. Horror,” she remarked. She didn't even see the qualification of her former training partner Jakub Vadlejch, because she hadn't been to Budapest yet. She remembered how coach Rudolf Černý once discovered Vadlejch. “Hostivař found him in Kovošrot when he was sixteen. He took him to our group,” she recalled.

Like his current coach, Jan Železný, she appreciated Vadlejch's hard work. “He's a huge worker. He's got a huge blow in his hand, he can also shoot. A hard-working guy who has the best stats of any spearman in the world. He's a very different type than me. I'm more of a natural, what the universe sends me… But he she knows everything. She remembers my performances. Even mine. She knows how many times I'm over 60 and 65,” she recounted.

This morning she already left for home and then she will immediately go to Sokol for the national championship in fire sports. “In the evening, I'll be cheering. It's actually athletics with such technical skill. (Partner) Lukáš is already the coach of the Central Bohemian region selection team,” she added. the Czech javelin thrower was supposed to fight for a medal. “I have this belief that when I watch the men's javelin final, it didn't turn out well. But when I watch it somewhere on a mobile phone, the last time was Tokyo at the Celtic Night in Harrachov, it turned out great. I don't know if I should be interested in it ,” she mused.

She was torn. “I'll probably want to see it, I'm really looking forward to it. If I can make it… But as I say, I'm superstitious, maybe it would be better if I didn't make it,” she added.

She hasn't finished the season yet. He expects to go to Hodonín on the first weekend of September for the national championship of athletic teams.