The athlete died right in the ring, and the show didn’t stop: 21 years of the tragedy in wrestling

The famous athlete broke a 24-meter height during the execution of dangerous stunt

21 years ago was one of the most tragic incidents in the history of wrestling. Right before another show killed a famous athlete Owen HART. The wrestler was only 34 years old. As planned by the Directors of the show Over the Edge, he had to come down to the ring on the rope in his super suit, blue blazer. Oeun have several times performed this trick, but the next attempt became fatal to him.

For some unknown reason, HART fell off a 24-meter-high and strongly hit the chest on the ropes. Doctors immediately gave him assistance, but to save the athlete failed. Given the entertainment nature of the show, the audience thought at first that the incident is part of the show, but the commentators did not repeat that the situation is serious.

The trick was to do Owen HART:

However, the organizers did not stop the show. The audience at the screens announced the death of the wrestler, although they were shown successful attempt of the trick that was previously written. But those present in the arena learned of the tragedy only after its completion. The show came only 15 years later after the death of Owen, but the broadcast cut out all the frames with the dead athlete, leaving only a small photograph of HART in the beginning, with the inscription: “In memory of Owen HART may 7, 1965 – may 23, 1999, who died in an accident during this broadcast.”

Спортсмен умер прямо на ринге, а шоу даже не остановили: 21 год трагедии в рестлинге

Later, the widow of the athlete filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the show, accusing them that the trick was too dangerous, and the seat belt system was defective. After eighteen months of the trial, the parties reached an agreement – the leadership of WWF has paid the HART family $ 18 million.

Earlier we wrote that the found the lifeless body of a famous wrestler nicknamed “the Beast.” Shed Gaspard lost their lives during the demolition of the strongest currents, but managed to save her child.

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