The artificial intelligence that creates adult content based on anime characters

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Unstable Diffusion does not have the same security filters as other imaging platforms

 Artificial intelligence that creates adult content based on anime characters

Artificial intelligences can generate realistic images, but the vast majority have security filters to prevent abuse by users.

The applications of artificial intelligence for image generation have increased considerably. To programs like DALL-E2 and Stable DiffusionOther platforms have been added that use their services in different ways to be able to generate own content at the request of users.

For security reasons these platforms have filters that prohibit the generation of images pornographic and related to violence or gore. However, these limitations have been rejected and artificial intelligence has been generated that does allow the generation of adult content despite misuse and abuse that can generate this capability for users.

Unlike Stable Diffusion, the artificial intelligence used to generate realistic images, a group of users created a “ counterpart” called Unstable Diffusion and which has the ability to generate images related to pornography with the appeal of being customized to suit people.

 Artificial intelligence that creates adult content based on anime characters

Unstable Diffusion artificial intelligence can generate adult content with anime characters. (Genbeta)

This is why the funding for this platform was mainly developed on the Patreon platform, where several hundred dollars were raised by various donors.

Cases of misuse of artificial intelligence

While these < b>artificial intelligence has the possibility of generating suggestive images related to anime characters, which motivated financing for its development, the system behind this new AI is generating negative responses.

The lack of security filters in Unstable Diffusionmay allow the same treatment in the case of realistic images of well-known or famous people, who may be harmed.

In addition, the generation of content without restrictions such as those held by the other artificial intelligences may be part of a malicious imaging system for fake news, which could encourage its spread and amplification.

 Artificial intelligence creating adult content based on anime characters

Artificial intelligence illustration. (photo: Unocero)

In addition, as well as the generation of these images for more commercial sectors such as archival images in virtual libraries, there is another aspect to consider related to workers in the adult industry, which involves photographers and designers paid by formally incorporated companies. This use could even somehow affect the job they currently have.

Adult content on other platforms such as OnlyFans would also be involved since content creators could be victims of this type of virtual counterfeiting.

Although the websiteindicates that counterfeit images are not accepted, adding that content generated by artificial intelligence is within the allowed limits.

According to TechCrunch, allowing the publication of this type of content in a < b>page as OnlyFans would have the consequence that the people who work creating content on this platform are victims of impersonation and their income is harmed by the use of your image without your consent.

 Artificial intelligence creating adult content based on anime characters

Shutterstock plans to integrate realistic images generated by DALL-E2 artificial intelligence and commercialize them. (Getty Images)

Artificial intelligence images for sale

The business that arises from the sale of images produced by artificial intelligences is not new and does not only occur in terms of content for but also in more commercial settings.

Shutterstock, one of the world's largest stock image sites, is planning to integrate a service special generation of realistic images that use the technology of DALL-E2 to commercialize them.

Although this idea has not yet been officially launched on the market , the image archive company believes that this premise would have a positive impact on the work of its clients because it would give more opportunities for creative exploration of images. However, Craig Peters, the CEO of Getty Images, pointed out that this could be considered a copyright infringement in its creation.

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